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Air Spring

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With vast improvement in air spring design and other features over the years, car enthusiasts are able to see the many advantages offered by the air suspension system. As such, this suspension system is now becoming a bit more mainstream. It's not just used in trucks or cargo vehicles but also in motorcycles, ATVs, performance cars, SUVs, and other automobiles.

Air spring and suspension benefits

  • A lot of air springs today are designed to be such, things can easily be tuned for different conditions, which is great for improved vehicle handling.
  • Air suspension is designed to help carry heavy loads without sacrificing driving comfort.
  • This suspension system has a wider tuning range when it comes to load capacity and spring rate.
  • The air pressure and shock valving can be modified easily, giving you more room for performance customization.
  • With air suspension, it's easier to modify the stance of the vehicle and adjust the ride height.
  • Getting a new air spring for your vehicle

    In order to find the best air springs in town, you'll have to shop around and explore all available options. To help you out, here's a short guide:


    Always check the product description for a comprehensive list of features. You can surely learn a lot from here. For instance, you can tell if the part is OE comparable or if the spring can be easily adjusted to match wide-range load conditions. Through the list of features, you can be certain if the spring actually fits the existing suspension or can be fitted to a specific type of vehicle, say 3/4 to 1 ton pickups or vans that have leaf springs. For air spring kits, check the parts and mechanisms that are included in the package, so you'll know if everything you need is there or if some items are sold separately.

    Other specs

    Pay attention to the smallest of details such as maximum leveling capacity and adjustability. Some kits can support up to 5,000 lbs. or even increase the load capacity by 10%. You have to know if the spring can be adjustable to any load or support the gross vehicle weight.

    Installation requirements

    Some spring kits may require drill work while other air springs can be installed in under a couple of hours. In any case, you have to know what needs to be done for successful spring installation.


    Many air spring options are covered up to one year. Some manufactures even extend the coverage to two years or up to 24,000 miles or offer a lifetime limited warranty for the entire kit. Make sure that the product you'll buy is protected by a good warranty.


    Air springs have a pretty wide price range, from as little as 100 dollars to almost a thousand and more. You have to know exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a replacement air spring or an entire set, so you can easily shop around and compare. Some sellers are more than willing to give you a discount or offer the lowest possible price for a specific item.