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Automotive suspensions make use of shock absorbers and coil springs to be capable of absorbing and directing road force, as well as maintaining proper wheel oscillation, jolt, and rebound even on rough terrains. However, once you add weight to your vehicle or make changes in your course of driving, such as when speeding up or slowing down, making left or right turns, the capabilities of the springs and shock absorbers are challenged. This is the reason air suspensions are made. The addition of air springs supported by an air spring spacer set enables the suspension to deal with these irregularities.

What is an air suspension system?

Air suspension systems come with air springs to replace the vehicle's coil springs. While air springs are designed to mimic the coil springs by being made of heavy-duty rubber and plastic bags that are inflated to a specific height and pressure, air springs receive other add-ons that make them perform better than the conventional all-metal springs.

Among the features usually added to air springs to make them capable of performing well despite road conditions and varying load capability are sensors, on-board air compressor, and electronic controls. The air springs of an already lifted vehicle can be made even better by supporting them with an air spring spacer system. This system allows you to make your truck permanently lifted using air springs by filling the gap between the bottom part of the air spring and its mounting point.

5 important factors to consider when choosing an air spring spacer

When left ignored, that extra space created between the air springs' bottom part and their estimated mounting point when the vehicle was raised can limit the effectiveness of air springs or, worse, render them useless. So it's important that you eliminate that issue using a reliable air spring spacer. Here are the factors that you need to consider to be able to find good-quality spacers that will give you your money's worth:

  • Corrosion resistance/proofing
  • The location of the suspension system makes it prone to elements that can cause rust and corrosion. So when choosing spacers for the air springs, make sure that they are made from corrosion-resistant materials or that they have corrosion proofing at least.

  • Spacer height
  • Before heading out or going online to purchase air spring spacer kits for lifted trucks, it's important to determine first the height or space the spacer needs to fill. By so doing, you'll know right away if you need 2., 4., or 6. spacers.

  • Kit inclusions
  • While most air spring spacers are offered as a kit, you still have to double check if the one you're thinking of purchasing includes all the hardware you need to install the spacer in place. A complete kit won't only ensure easy installation but will also save you from the hassles and expense of making multiple purchases while you're in the process of installing the spacer.

  • Adaptability
  • An air spring spacer that's compatible with the air springs installed in your ride is one thing, and a unit that works with all brands of air springs is another. While compatibility is very important in ensuring the efficiency of the spacer, it's also advantageous to get one that will work well with just about any brand of springs. A spacer that can adapt with any air spring brand comes in handy when you need to change the air springs of your suspension and you failed to find an exact replacement. In that case, you can use other brands without a need to purchase a new spacer kit.

  • Warranty
  • Of course, warranty matters as it is the manufacturer's or merchant's way of saying how long they expect the product to work without having any defect. Good warranty coverage is a sign that the company has confidence in the air spring spacer kit it is offering.

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