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  • AM General: Providing Tough and Reliable Automotive Solutions for Over 40 Years

    Since 1971, AM General has become a world leader in designing, engineering, production, and technical and parts support of military and special purpose vehicles and equipment. With roots in the famed Willys-Overland Motors Inc., the father of the iconic WWII Willis jeep, the company offers a wide range of heavy-duty products, ranging from heavy trucks for military and civilian use to high-powered diesel engines and AM General parts. The company also manufactured transit buses for a brief period from 1974 to 1979, with most sent to the cities of Seattle and Philadelphia in the US.

    The Humvee and the Hummer

    AM General is arguably best known for its line of High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) or Humvees. Versatile, dependable, and highly mobile, the Humvee has become a mainstay in US military as well as in other countries. In fact, it has become so successful that led AM General to produce a civilian variant, the Hummer. Based heavily on its military predecessor, the Hummer retained the 4x4 capability of the Humvee but had a more road-friendly modified chassis. To date, Hummer has released three year models from 1992 up to 2010.

    In addition to the Humvee, AM General has also manufactured other types of military vehicles, including the BRV-O blast resistant light tactical vehicle and the M35 6x6 and M939 series of cargo trucks. In 2005, the company was also contracted to manufacture LSSV light utility vehicles by the US Army.

    The General Engine Optimizer 6500 V8 Engine

    AM General is also known for its rough-and-ready Optimizer 6500 V-8 diesel engine. Manufactured by its subsidiary, General Engine Products, at its 92,000-sq. ft. assembly plant in Franklin, Ohio, the Optimizer 6500 V8 is standard on all Hummer-brand vehicles as well as in Humvees used by the United States military. The company also made 6.5-liter variants of the engine with a built-in turbocharger and other AM General truck parts for critical military, racing, and extreme off-road uses. With its ruggedized design and impressive power output, Optimizer 6500 has been widely praised for its high performance and reliability on the field.

    In addition, General Engine also supplies service replacement engines to General Motors Service Parts Organization. So if you own a GM and had its engine replaced, chances are that it\'s from AM General. The subsidiary also supplies engines to the US military as a service engine for existing Humvees and, more recently, in marine applications.

    With increasing demand for diesel engines around the world, AM General parts, through its General Engine subsidiary, is a major competitor in the market.

    Comprehensive Technical and Logistics Support

    In addition to militarized and heavy duty vehicles and AM General parts online, the company also provides in-depth after-sales support to its customers. Whether it is hands-on equipment training, field service support, maintenance planning, military packaging, or supply chain management, AM General can help you to familiarize and maximize the use of its products. So it\'s no surprise that it has been awarded both government and civilian contracts in the US and abroad for the last 40 years.