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Aries Brand Articles

  • Aries: A Leading Manufacturer of High-Grade Products for Trucks and SUVs

    Aries Automotive is a market leader that specializes in manufacturing tubular steel, rubber, and ABS plastic accessories for trucks and SUVs. Simply called Aries, this brand is an expert in producing a wide range of products, specifically grille guards, bull bars, and side bars. With years of stay on the market, Aries prides itself on expanding its product line and assuring the customers of constantly improving features that highlight durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

    Truck and SUV owners and enthusiasts who seek for a brand that can provide high-quality products are guaranteed of complete satisfaction with Aries. This company, after all, maximizes its capabilities and skills in ensuring that it fulfills its mission of providing customers with products that will protect their vehicles and improve the overall look.

    Humble beginnings

    Aries is no stranger in the automotive industry. Founded in 1997, this brand started producing select vehicle accessories, including the complete line of Jeep accessories. Over the years, the company expanded its product line and provided the market with different parts and options that are compatible with various truck models.

    Currently located in Wisconsin, Aries succeeded in setting up shop in various states across the country, with facilities in Texas, Southern California, and Georgia. The company further widened its market reach by expanding to Ontario, Canada, thereby transforming Aries to a brand that caters to the North American automotive markets.

    Now with several facilities, Aries is more than equipped to produce a wide array of products designed for different applications.

    Formula for success

    Aries takes pride in being the innovator that it is. Composed of a team of specialists, engineers, and designers that think out of the box, the company succeeds in constantly improving its craft, as well as the quality and look of its products. More importantly, Aries is not afraid of change; instead, it always searches for new ways to raise the bar and set standards in the automotive industry.

    In order to reach its goals, Aries uses state-of-the-art technologies that enable its facilities to double the production and meet consumer demands. This, along with the several facilities in the region, guarantees on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the expertise it has developed over the almost two decades on the market helps in fulfilling the Aries mission.

    Aries product line

    Aries boasts bull bars that feature no-drill application and quick installation on various trucks and SUVs. In fact, its three-inch bull bars take the spotlight, and this is because of its design that withstands even the harshest conditions. They also come in various finish options: high-gloss black stainless steel, semi-gloss black carbon steel, and polished 304 stainless steel.

    Other popular Aries products are the front-end grille of which is a one-piece steel tube that is 1.5-inch thick. It features a heavy-duty construction that guarantees maximum protection for the bumper and head lights. These grille guards also come with different finish options and allows for easy installation.

    The other popular products from Aries include the following: side bars, running boards, headache racks, removable mud flaps, Jeep modular bumpers, and floor liners, among others.