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Audi Articles

  • A List of Greats: Some of the Best Audi Vehicles Ever Made

    Audi has made an indelible mark in the motor sport circuits, claiming numerous victories in Le Mans, Grand Touring, and World Rally. In these tracks, Audi has established its own brand of automotive performance using the best car technologies and Audi parts. But it\'s not only in the race tracks that Audi has wowed the crowd. On the cutting edge of innovation and with excellence and precision always in mind, it has also created a fleet of reliable vehicles, from practical daily drivers to sporty two-seaters. Audi gave us flexibility with its wide-ranging car designs. So whether you\'re driving in the city or the country or you need one for the paved road or rough road, you can rely on Audi to present you with the best options. Here\'s a list of greats.some of the best Audi vehicles ever made:


    Some have initially cast doubts on Audi\'s R8 road car. But with a design that\'s practical and well thought of, the R8 is later on credited for its comfortable and refined styling. It\'s fast, and it handles like dream. Plus, it looks good.


    The RS5 is pitted against the M3 of BMW and the C63 AMG of Mercedes Benz. With its sexy lines and curves and undeniably handsome exterior, the RS5 is quite desirable. It\'s equipped with a 450hp V8 and some of the best Audi performance parts, which made it not just a real beauty but also a beast on the road.

    DKW Monza

    Audi\'s DKW Monza was born in the mid-\'50s. The DWK Monza has that classic sports car charm and has a great body. Its polyester auto body with glass fiber reinforcement made it light. With superb aerodynamics, it\'s able to set world records numerous times.


    In 1990s, we had the pleasure of meeting Audi\'s Ur-TT. This car made a huge buzz for Audi because of its unique shape and great overall style. It has been a design inspiration for small coupes that came after. Through this car, Audi stole some of the spotlight from other auto makers.

    B6 S4

    The B6 S4 earned a spot in the list of greats because it\'s the first to feature the aluminum V8 back in the early 2000s. It\'s also the first S car to be offered in different auto body styles: sedan, wagon, and convertible. You definitely have to give it points for its many firsts and for its versatility.


    Back in the \'80s, the V8 is a superstar. With its well-executed design, this became some sort of a poster boy for Audi, which folks later considered to be a luxury car brand. This \'80s flagship model is a predecessor to today\'s A8. During its time, the V8 has created its own cult following. For that alone, the V8 deserves to be remembered as one of the best in Audi\'s range.


    Audi\'s TT-RS captivated car lovers with its monstrous power and tons of torque, matched with a small footprint and superb performance. It\'s fast, and it looks good. With its no non-sense design, it\'s able to mix beauty with functionality using high-quality Audi parts.

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