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Below you'll find a wide variety of Audi A4 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Audi A4 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Tips on Removing the Audi A4's Back Seat

    The Audi A4 executive sedan has a fixed rear seat that offers excellent comfort and leg space for its class. However, there are times that having a rear seat can be inconvenient. Changing the carpet will require the removal of both the rear and front seats, for example, as well as when doing repairs to the A4\'s rear axle, suspension, and trunk space. Racing enthusiasts may also have the need to remove the back seat to make the car lighter and thus faster on the track. But whatever the reason may be, removing the Audi A4\'s rear seats should be done properly to avoid damage to both the A4\'s interior as well as the seat itself.

    Tools needed

    The rear seat is secured in place with a series of screws similar to that of Torx screws. However, we found that using a socket wrench with triple square heads is better to use than a Torx screwdriver as the former offers a better grip on the screws. A flat screwdriver also comes in handy in prying out the plastic tabs covering some of the screws.

    Removing the rear seat bottom

    To begin, take off the 4-child seat anchor covers. The lids can prove difficult to remove, so try to put your hand between the seat bottom and the back so you\'ll have a better grip on the lid. Slowly wiggle the lid at this position and it will pop off in no time.

    Once the anchors have been removed, you will need to pull up the front of the rear seat bottom towards you. This will cause the seat to detach from the two clips that hold it in place. Start with the left side of the seat then the right side, making sure to apply pressure evenly on both sides to avoid damaging the clips. Eventually, the rear seat bottom will detach itself from the clips and you can pull out the bottom safely.

    Note: In some cases, one of the plastic clips will come out of the chassis and attach to the seat. When this happens, simply take the clip off the seat and reinsert it into the chassis.

    Removing the seat back

    Before you remove the last part of the seat, make sure that everything in the way is accounted for. If you have a set of speakers or amplifier mounted at the back, for instance, you will need to detach it and disconnect its wires beforehand. Next, fold the seat forward by the release handles near the C-pillar. Move the carpet in the trunk and remove the trim piece between the seats by pulling them straight up to expose the screws. Loosen and remove the screws on the bracket between the seats and slip off the bracket itself. Once done, you can now slip the seat out from the center bracket. Tilt the seat towards the door and carefully slip the seat back out of the door and away from the vehicle.

    To reinstall the seat, simply reverse the process. Make sure to reattach the wires you have removed and tighten the bolts accordingly.