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Strong wind is one of the mortal enemies of your precious awning. It is a mighty force that can cause the awning to become unrolled. Even if your RV or motorhome is parked, the awning can resist only so much wind before something in it gives up. This is why you have to make sure at all the components of your awning are durable enough to withstand wind velocity. See to it that all of them.from the awning itself to the awning roller and tubes.are in tiptop condition before setting up the awning assembly.

If you notice that one of the awning roller tubes is broken or is severely dented or if its locking mechanism no longer works well, have the damaged part replaced before putting up the assembly. When looking for a new awning component, here are the factors you should look for to get a product that would last long and will offer the best value you can have for your money:

  • Durability
  • For the awning and roller as well as the roller tubes to have a long life, they must be durable enough to withstand not just strong winds but natural elements and man-made hazards as well. They must be made from heavy-duty materials to ensure superior strength and wear resistance. Since there will be times when you'll have a campfire or you need to cook or grill near the awning, it's also wise that the components making up the awning assembly are heat resistant.

  • Compatibility with the awning
  • Of course, it is necessary that the awning roller and the roller tubes you'll get are compatible with the awning you're using them in. Incompatibility issues can hurt the performance and reduce the service life of the entire awning assembly. That doesn't sound good knowing that your awning assemblies don't come cheap.

  • Proper Fit
  • The components of the awning assembly must fit the awning properly. This way, you also won't have a hard time fitting the assembly on the sides of your RV or motorhome. So before purchasing a new one, make sure you know the specifications of the item you're replacing. If you're buying online, double check the size and the specs of the awning roller you're eyeing and compare the details to the unit that will be replaced. It must be of right specs to ensure proper fit.

  • Weather proofing
  • Since the awning is used to provide shade outside the motorhome, it is important to make sure that the components making it up are weather-proof. This means that the roller and tubes you should get are made from rust-resistant materials or, at least, have water- and rust-resistant finish and at the same time able to withstand the harsh effects of sun's UV rays.

  • Easy to install
  • If you are a DIYer, ease of installation is definitely important for you as it can trim down the number of hours you need to spend for your DIY task. When purchasing an awning roller, make sure to get one that can simply be bolted or screwed in place, without a need for cutting, drilling, and any modification.