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Axle U Bolt

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Those nuts and bolts seem to be a match made in heaven, and you probably expect them to stay locked together forever. But then, some things can get between them, separating and ruining a tight bond. These things can be rust, wear, corrosion, or any form of damage. As the vehicle reaches thousands of miles on the road, some of the bolts may get rusty and may even go missing. That's something you wouldn't want to happen because even a simple bolt can cause a big problem, starting with the components it secures to other parts that could malfunction because of a torn or missing fastener.

In the case of the axle u bolt, this tiny little thing can be replaced along with the leaf springs or when you just got new traction bars. During maintenance and whenever there are modifications to be done, you have to check if the u bolt is still up to the task of locking in some components, such as securing the trailer axle to leaf springs. This bolt can be the very thing that's messing up the trailer suspension system. If it's bent, rusty, or just plain old, then don't hesitate to replace this right away for your own safety and convenience.

Buying a new axle u bolt.what are the things that you must consider?

  • Size matters. If there's one detail you have to take note of, it's the size or measurement of the axle u bolt. By knowing the length, diameter, or width of the new bolt, you can compare this with the old one that you have. The size or measurement can be your guide for knowing if the u bolt will fit the axles. For instance, some u bolts are specifically designed for 1.75. diameter axles. Some bolts may also be used for securing a 2,000-lb. trailer axle to the leaf springs or a 3,500 lb. axle for 1.75. wide springs. They may be used with a u bolt plate and with another u bolt.
  • Shape may vary. Some bolts are square; others come in a round shape to match the round axles. This detail will come in handy when looking for the right axle u bolt.
  • U bolts are also sold in kits. U-bolt kits are available for different applications. Make sure that the kit you'll get will fit the axles and leaf springs that you have and that they come complete with all the necessary hardware. Aside from the bolts, the kit may also include nuts and washers, which may vary in number. Some would have 4 u bolts, 8 washers, and 8 nuts. Other kits would come with 1 u bolt and 2 nuts. Aside from the nuts and u bolts, mounting plates for the axles may also be included.

When shopping for a new axle u bolt, make sure that they're made to be heavy duty. Don't settle for cheaper, low-quality bolts that may break easily with too much stress put on the trailer and the leaf springs. Also check the part number to know if the part is compatible with other components or a certain type of leaf spring or trailer suspension. Prices widely range from as little as 7 to 14 USD to over 70 USD, depending on the brand, application, features, and quantity. Shop around to get the most reasonable price and be sure to get a good warranty for your purchase.