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While it can be exhilarating to ride a motorcycle, it can also get tiring if you or your passenger has to sit for hours weaving through traffic. Good thing there's a backrest pad at the rear of the motorcycle seat to provide some much-needed back support. So even when you travel in long distances or have to navigate the open roads for a long while, there's a pad that you can rely on for added comfort. This pad can easily be attached to the motorcycle's rear seat through a bracket.

If you're shopping for a new backrest pad, let us help you explore some options. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pad:

Consider buying a pad that features a key-lockable mounting system.

The key lockable design of the backrest pad will ensure added security. Even if the pad can be easily attached and removed, you're sure that it's totally secured. This type of mounting system provides some peace of mind and even ensures precise fit. When searching for a pad for the backrest, browse through options that are make-model specific.

Look for a pad with a solid base and with components that are made from high-grade materials.

Invest in a pad that's not only comfortable but can also last long, providing you utmost reliability. Durable pads have components that are made of stainless steel. The side plates and other metal parts also come with a polished finish or have a chrome design for added protection and for better aesthetics.

Choose a backrest pad that can be set up in an instant.

Some backrest pads are not only easy to attach on the rear seat but also easy to remove. Their design allows you to remove them in as quick as a few seconds, and this can be done even without tools. This kind of pad can be very convenient for motorcycle owners or riders who want to be able to attach or remove the pad anytime they want to. Just make sure that with this feature, the pad can still be secured to the seat with no trouble. It should stay locked in place.

Search for a pad that uses minimal docking hardware.

As much as possible, you'd want to do away with the complexities. You'd want the pad to seamlessly blend with the motorcycle seat without metals peeking out from underneath. With minimal docking hardware to work with, everything else becomes simple. In many designs, the docking hardware is not even noticeable even when the backrest is detached.

Other tips

  • Shop around to get the best prices. Pads may cost around 130USD to as much as 200USD, depending on the brand, features, design, and the motorcycle. With this price range, you'd better look around to get the best deals, promos, and discounts offered by different sellers.
  • Score a great deal with a good manufacturer warranty. The warranty gives you some assurance on product quality. If the backrest pad wears or breaks prematurely, you won't have to worry about losing money. If still under warranty, it can be replaced at no extra cost. Check the warranty to know its coverage and limitations.