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BAK Industries Brand Articles

  • Bak Industries: Protecting the Contents of the Truck Bed

    Pick-up trucks have been staple choices for many individuals wanting a vehicle that is able to serve as a family transport as well as a beast of burden. It is designed to seat the driver and passengers comfortably inside the cab while equipment and other materials can be loaded on the bed. But an open bed is also a challenge for pick-up truck owners. Without any protection, the bed is easily accessible by thieves and can also be affected by the weather. This is why there are companies like Bak Industries. They are producers of bed covers to be able to secure and protect the contents of the truck bed.

    Bed covers

    The main product line of Bak Industries is comprised of bed covers. But there is no single model that can suit all truck applications. The designers had to consider the kind of materials, equipments and other things that are loaded on the bed. This can determine what the best format is for the owner and the truck. The bed covers produced by Bak Industries are made of premium materials like fiberglass, aluminum, foam and others to ensure maximum protection when the truck is driven out. The brand assures that its covers are heavy-duty and can withstand any weather conditions. More than that, the covers are thoughtfully crafted to remain subtly stylish once it is fitted on the bed. The models also come with locks to keep the access away from other people.

    At present, there are four main bed cover classifications offered by the brand. These are the hard folding, rolling, rack integrated and retractable covers. The hard folding cover is divided into partitions that can be folded upon the necessity. This might come off as awkward for some owners. The retractable cover looks much cleaner when mounted. However, the kit leaves a box on the end near the cab where the cover is stashed away when it is not use. For those the combines lifestyle and heavy-duty use, the rack integrated cover is the way to go. It provides an additional mount should there be a need to transport long equipment such as ladders and pieces of wood.

    Tie downs and carriers

    When hauling large equipment, it needs to be tied down on the bed to remain immobile. Otherwise, there is a risk that it could fall off and get damaged. By purchasing the optional tie downs and carriers made by Bak Industries, the load on the bed can be further secured. The safety net and ropes can be anchored through these points. Once the equipment is secured, it can be a worry-less drive towards the driver\'s destination.

    Utility toolbox

    Bak Industries understands that a truck owner enjoys working and solving things. Because of this, a large toolbox is in order. This can be mounted on the bed where tools like hammer, saw, pliers and even fluid containers can be stashed safely away when noted in use. More than that, it can be placed safely under the cover.