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With the limited and somewhat cramped interior of an RV, you'll need furniture and accessories that are designed to make life easier but won't take too much space. Take for example the RV bed ladder. This nifty accessory is meant to help out folks who need to access the upper bunk bed. But before you shell out that hard-earned cash for a ladder, make sure to consider the following factors first:


This ladder can be made of wood or a variety of metals, but the most ideal material is aluminum since aluminum is both lightweight and durable. After all, you'll need a ladder that's easy to carry around, install, and remove if needed. And because it's highly durable, an aluminum ladder, depending on its built and construction, some aluminum types can handle up to 300 pounds. Plus, because this material is shiny, it adds a bit of modern flair to any RV interior without messing up the entire dér scheme.

If you're going for a metal bed ladder, make sure it has an anodized finish or comes with a rust-resistance coat to lower chances of corrosion. A ladder with a protective coat is also highly resistant against scratches, nicks, and dents, making it an easy-to-maintain accessory. When choosing the right ladder material, don't forget to consider which material is easiest to clean. Aluminum ones might require special, aluminum-safe cleaners, while steel types can be cleaned with a variety of cleaners.

Step width

To make climbing up and down a more comfortable experience, look for a ladder that has wide steps. Specifically, look for one that's equipped with at least 12-inch wide steps. With this ladder, you won't have problems crawling into your bed even if you're tired and just want to hit the sack for that needed rest.


Look for features such as molded pads for the steps since these can make climbing up and down more comfortable. Nylon pads for the steps are features worth looking into because these pads are highly durable but won't scratch or hurt your kids' bare feet. Grooved step pads are also nifty options because these pads are designed to trap dirt and grime, helping keep the bed sheets clean. Padded or rubber ladder feet are also nifty features because these are designed to protect the carpet or flooring of the RV from scratches and nicks. Padded feet also help secure the ladder in place, lessening the chances of slipping as you climb up and down. If you want a more flexible ladder, opt for one that can be easily moved from left to right or vice-versa.

Ease of installation

If you're a DIYer or you just don't want to spend more money on hiring someone else to do the installation, an easy-to-install bed ladder is always a good option. A ladder with easy-to-attach hooks is an excellent choice as this type doesn't require special installation tools or skills. There are also options that include permanent installation hardware, which is a plus for those who don't plan on removing or rearranging the ladder every now and then.