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Bed Liner Coating

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Would you agree that your good old pickup truck has almost become like your best friend? It's always there for you.from the most mundane events to your life's most important moments. On a daily basis, you take it to work and you bring it for errands. And on special occasions, you bring it during your family's vacations and road trips. With heavy, everyday use, your truck and its components will eventually wear out. This process can speed up if your vehicle is not equipped with the right set of tools or protective gears that can help maintain it. This is where the bed liner coating comes in. You see, adding this product to your truck is actually a very practical solution to your truck maintenance woes. It's an easy, simple, and inexpensive way of taking care of your truck. If you want to know more, read on below.


Still don't find the need to apply bed liner coating? Check out these benefits:

  • Applying bed liner coating will make the surface of your truck abrasion-resistant and rust-proof.
  • The coating will improve your truck bed's surface and help keep your cargo from sliding around and getting damaged while you drive.
  • Bed liner coatings come in different colors, so you can use them to paint, customize, and upgrade your truck's look.


A single can of bed liner coating may cost around $50 or less while a whole set or kit of coating products can cost around $100 or more.

Truck Bed Liner Coating Application

Here's a step-by-step guide that you'll find useful when applying a truck bed liner coating:

Step 1: To begin, wash your truck bed using soap and warm water. Mop the entire surface and make sure that everything is covered.

Step 2: Next, rinse the soap completely and allow the truck bed to dry.

Step 3: As soon as it dries up, wash the truck bed's surface with wax and tar remover to prepare its surface for the coating.

Step 4: Next, cover the corners of truck and the tailgate to protect these areas from unsightly paint splashes. For this step, it's ideal to use painter's tape to avoid leaving any marks of adhesive on the truck's body.

Step 5: After that, scuff sand the truck bed using a scuff pad. Once you've covered the entire surface, remove the sanding residue using the wax and tar remover.

Step 6: Find all the rusted spots on the truck bed and apply some spot prime on them.

Step 7: Finally, pour an ample amount of bed liner coating on a tray and use a foam roller to spread it out on the surface of the truck bed. For hard-to-reach corners, use a brush to apply the coating. You can apply up to two coats for maximum durability. Keep in mind, though, that you need to wait for the first coat to settle before you can apply another. To be sure, give it a couple of hours before applying the second coat. As soon as you're done coating the truck, leave it for a day before using it again.