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Truck parts have never looked and been better before BellTech came into the picture. With such high quality parts, you can never go wrong with your truck outfitted with these kinds of components. So check out our great selection of parts because you can get them at the lowest price from us anywhere you look! See our catalogs because to see is to believe.

Belltech Brand Articles

  • Belltech: Supplying Sport Trucks with High-Performance Suspension Systems

    Built on the goal of becoming the leading provider of top-notch suspension components for sport trucks, Belltech constantly strives to develop reliable products that can help car owners enjoy a stable and comfortable ride. Its in-depth expertise in the automotive suspension system made it possible for the company to construct a variety of high-performance components that are suitable for lowered rides. Some of the products in its wide-ranging catalog include alignment kits, coil springs, ball joints, leaf spring shackles and hangers, shocks and strut assemblies, and coil over kits. With its comprehensive product offering, Belltech can surely cover the suspension-related needs of every truck owner.

    Humble beginnings

    Belltech is humble company that was established in Fresno, California back in 1983. It was a time when customizing sport trucks was all the rage. Lowered vehicles became the latest fad, and most of them can be spotted in Fresno. Unfortunately, drivers have to resort to cutting or replacing their vehicle\'s suspension coils with incorrect sizes just to get that sought-after lowered stance. As expected, this incorrect modification resulted to poor ride stability and handling performance. With the goal of helping drivers lower their vehicles without compromising the ride quality, Belltech designed and developed the cutting-edge drop spindle technology. This paved the way for the company\'s immense growth. Soon after, sport truck enthusiasts were clamoring to get their hands on Belltech\'s premium suspension components. In order to keep up with the ever-developing automotive technology, the company also strived to develop other innovative suspension parts that can deliver better ride performance and drivability.

    The company that started out as a small suspension system business in Fresno has now become a large manufacturer of various suspension components. Its 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Clovis, California made it possible for Belltech to produce a larger number of products without compromising its turnaround time.

    Formula for success

    The firm commitment to deliver high-quality products together with customer-focused services made it possible for Belltech to become a successful manufacturer in the auto parts industry. The company managed to continuously grow and establish itself as one of the respected manufacturers of components for the automotive suspension system through its incessant research and development endeavors. Aside from this, Belltech is also motivated by its unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, which pushes it to constantly seek product innovation.

    Belltech brands and product lines

    With the company\'s decades of experience in the auto parts market, it\'s only expected for Belltech to carry a wide array of brands and product lines in its catalog. The Belltech Street Performance, Nitro-Drop, and Pro Coils are just some of the company\'s most renowned product lineups.

    The Belltech Street Performance is the company\'s line of suspension components that are suitable for high-performance applications. The products included in this lineup feature low-speed compression and progressive rebound tuning properties. With all the beneficial features that this product lineup brings, there is no doubt that it can deliver the optimum ride comfort that every car owner deserves.

    The Nitro-Drop 2 product series is Belltech\'s line of twin-tube suspension shocks that feature internal valve and cavitation-free technologies. These components are guaranteed to keep any lowered ride stable and reliable even when driving through rough road conditions.

    Belltech\'s high-class coil springs are available in its Pro Coils line. Precision-engineered from chromium alloy steel, these tough components are guaranteed to give any vehicle a lowered stance while improving its handling performance. The quality and dimension of these coil springs also meet and exceed the OEM specifications.