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You're doing some motorcycle repair or maintenance work on your bike. You thought it's steady and stable, but then, after giving it a push too strong or a bit of aenudge, it quickly stumbled. It was a bad fall. Some paintjob was chipped, and to make matters worse, some of the parts were smashed. Well, this could have been prevented if you were a little bit careful. If you had a bike stand, the accident wouldn't have happened.

The bike stand can hold the bike in place while you detail or service it. It can easily lift or lower the bike to your desired height, giving you access to its many components. This accessory is a must-have for any motorcycle owner. If you're looking to have one or to replace the old stand, here are some of the bike stand designs to look into:

Headlift stand

This stand lets you adjust the height of the motorcycle. The lift makes it more convenient for you to remove or work on the motorcycle forks. Some headlift stands come with a threaded hole where you can put the bolt that can be used as a caliper holder. The handle options include removable, non-removable, and extended types.

Forklift stand

With a modular design, this stand can be used as a lift from the lower triple tree with a converter. The indexable height settings allow for easy adjustments. This stand is available with non-removable and removable handles and extended handle types.

Front or rear jack stands

These jack stands are designed to let the bike or motorcycle lean on the frame slider or the rear footpegs. Some stands may come with up to 14 height settings. These stands, which are sold as a pair, provide good work clearance aside from lift support.

Dual lift stand

The dual lift bike stand has a similar design with the headlift type. It's also patterned after a modular design and can be used easily as a lift from the forks. Perhaps the only main difference is that this can also be converted to lift from the lower triple tree. You just have to switch parts that are included in its package. The stand also has height adjustment settings and features a threaded hole. The handle can be removable, non-removable, or extended.

One armed rear stand

The one armed rear stand comes with a removable handle. The handle can go either direction (front or back) on the drive side, but on the non-drive side, it can only be positioned to the rear. The drive side installation lets you easily remove the wheel while the non-drive side installation allows for easy access to the sprocket when removing it. The rear stand is solid enough to keep everything from wobbling. The ball bearing head even lets the wheel spin, especially when oiling the chain.

Spooled rear stand

This bike stand is specially designed for motorcycles equipped with a spool. With spooled top supports, this stand has an adjustable width that allows you to easily fit this to most bikes. It may be equipped with a non-removable, a removable, or an extended handle.

Spooled forward handle rear stand

This stand is also for spooled-equipped motorcycles. The width can be easily adjusted along with the height for better work clearance for the rear wheel. Top supports of this stand are interchangeable. With this stand, aligning the axle for rear wheel installation is made more convenient through its lower bar.

These are just some of the bike stands you can find when you scour through the many options provided by different manufacturers of motorcycle accessories.

When choosing a bike stand, you have to find one that:

  • is light, sturdy, and safe
  • is easy to use
  • has a solid base for stability
  • has adjustable height and width settings
  • can support the weight of the motorcycle