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Bilstein Brand Articles

  • Automotive Suspension Solutions by Bilstein

    Vehicles all around the world are driven through different kinds of road surfaces and terrains. Some paths are layered with a smooth even layer of cement and asphalt while others are left out there to wither away. And still some are trails that are meant to be explored only by serious off-road rigs. But whatever the road condition is, the suspension system is responsible for taking on the bumps, unevenness, and weight so that the vehicle can be handled properly by the driver. Bilstein is one of the dedicated companies that are making an effort to provide suspension solutions to vehicles up to the present.

    German tech heritage

    Way before the company got into the automotive industry, founder August Bilstein focused on innovating products in Altenvoerde, Germany during the 1870s. The young company was able to acquire skill and knowledge on manufacturing metals which would turn out significant in its future endeavors. By the late 1920s, the brand took its first steps inside the automotive industry under the leadership of Hans Bilstein. During this time, the German company focused on producing automotive accessories, chrome-plated bumpers, and car jacks.

    It was during the .50s that Bilstein got seriously involved with suspension technologies. The inclination was triggered by a French researcher named Bourcier de Carbon. The professor\'s study on shock absorbers became the motivation of the company for it to support and further the developments in this area. The result of this effort came in the form of the first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber. This innovation is still considered to be a major contribution to automotive safety up to this day. Through the decades, the demands and use of vehicles have been evolving. Regardless of the changes, Bilstein continues to assert its capabilities. It even showcases its products through everyday cars and performance vehicles.

    Present day product line-up

    As it has been known through the years, Bilstein\'s main product is the shock absorber. But as the variety of vehicles continue to diversify; the suspension system should also become more compatible with the vehicle applications. The brand offers universal spare parts that can be used as reliable replacements to the appropriate vehicle. Each model is designed to be able to provide performance and comfort comparable to the OE shock absorbers. This includes the Bilstein B series, DampTronic, DampMatic, and Air Suspension.

    On the other hand, Bilstein has also designed kits that are designated to be used for performance. These offer snappy response meant for taking corners at considerable amounts of speed, adjustments on the vehicle height to move the center of gravity closer to the ground, and other benefits. Among the models in the line-up include the Pro-Kit, Sportline, RideControl, and Clubsport.

    Asserting capabilities in motorsports

    The performance coming from German engineering is hard to ignore. With all its experience and innovations in suspension technology, Bilstein continues to showcase the capabilities of its products through motorsports. This is an ideal avenue to explore the limits of shock absorbers and other components. In this effort, Bilstein goes into partnerships with racing teams that competes on the infamous Nurburgring, as well as DTM and 24-hour races.