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The coldness of winter can put a lot of stress on your vehicle. In fact, it can even make it difficult for you to start your engine. This happens because the coolant and oil in your system can freeze and become thick, causing extra wear on your engine components. This can affect the car's battery and accessory belt, and it may also reduce the pressure in your tires. And if this keeps up, you'll slowly notice a decrease in your fuel mileage as well. This is where installing a block heater kit comes in. You see, this component works by providing a plug-in heat to the engine block, which keeps your car's coolant and oil warm. Having this will surely reduce engine wear that's caused by cold weather starts. If you're planning to install one in your ride, here's a general installation guide that you can follow for inline block heaters. Note that some of the steps below may not be applicable, depending on what car you drive and on what kind of block heater kit you purchase.

Step 1: Make sure that your vehicle is parked on a flat-level surface. Engage the parking brake and put wheel chocks behind the rear wheels to avoid any accidents. Also, let the engine cool down before you get to work.

Step 2: Next, find the bottom plug of your car's radiator and place a drain pan underneath it. Once it's in position, remove the bottom plug and drain the radiator fluid onto the pan. You may also need to remove the cap on top of the radiator to avoid vacuum from forming and slowing down the process.

Step 3: As soon as you finish draining the radiator fluid, place another pan or container underneath the engine block. After that, remove the plug at the bottom of the block and allow its fluid to drain as well. Don't forget to reattach the bottom plugs of the radiator and engine block after draining.

Step 4: Next, find the lower radiator hose that connects the bottom part of the radiator to the engine block. Once you've located it, remove it by loosening the clamps and screws that secure it in place.

Step 5: After removing the hose, you need to check its mounting surface for any dirt, grime, and dried radiator fluid buildup. If a lot of filth has accumulated in that area, clean it using a wire brush before installing the block heater kit.

Step 6: When the area is already clean, get your new block heater and mount it on the area where the radiator hose used to be.

Step 7: Once you're happy with its position, get the clamps and screws included in the block heater kit and use them to secure the heater to the radiator and engine block.

Step 8: After that, direct the wire of the heater to the front of the engine compartment, letting it stick out of the front grille or directing it near the hood. When everything is in position, refill the coolant of your engine and the fluid of your radiator.