10 Vehicles That Were Converted Into Something More Awesome

When you own a car, it’s only natural to do something to it if you’re not happy with the way it looks. Now, if you’re not contented with minor car modifications here and there, you can always go with a full revamp on your ride’s appearance. In fact, that’s what some people did. And you know what? The results are awesome.


Trans Am Camaro

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GTO Judge built on 2010 Camaro

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Just look at these Trans Am built on Camaros.

camaro but it has the front end of a challenger

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This one’s also a Camaro but it has a front end of a Challenger. You digging that?

Challenger Superbird Conversion

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Speaking of Challenger, check out these two Dodge Challengers made into a Plymouth Superbird and a Dodge Daytona.

Custom Mini Cooper pickup with Land Rover V8 by Lazareth Customs

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Want a Mini Cooper and a pickup truck at the same time? We got you!

Vw pickup

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We bet hauling heavy luggage and other stuff won’t be difficult with these Volkswagen pickups.

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