6 Essential Car Accessories for Your Hand-Me-Down Car

In just a few weeks, summer vacation will be over. It’s time to get back on your feet because one of the most exciting months of the year is almost here—September. Hanging out with your classmates, meeting new people, and participating in different campus activities are just a few things to look forward to.

For the lucky ones who will be getting a hand-me-down car this year, the word “exciting” might be an understatement. Driving into the school’s parking lot in your new set of wheels might be just what you need to start the school year right.

Whether it’s your dad’s sedan or the old family van, there’s a lot of things you can do to make your vehicle feel brand new. A quick and cost-effective option is to add accessories to your car. Aside from making your ride look cool, car accessories can also make your daily trips more comfortable.

When school starts, there are few lucky ones who will be getting a hand-me-down car.

Universal Car Accessories

Universal car accessories fit in any vehicle regardless of its year, make, and model. You may choose from a wide variety of internal and external accessories without worrying about its compatibility with your car.

After saving up from your summer job, it’s time to spend your hard-earned money on sprucing up your car. Don’t worry, making your ride look fresh doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are six essential car accessories you can buy for a budget of $300.

Multi-Tone Horn

Price: $48.95
Remaining budget: $251.05

Wouldn’t it be exciting to drive into campus while blaring “La Cucaracha” from your car horn? Consider installing a multi-tone kit from Wolo Manufacturing if your car horn sounds muffled, or if you just find the sound boring. This horn can reach up to 120 decibels—loud enough for your classmates to hear the iconic tune. It’s quick and easy to install, making it the perfect weekend project.

Halogen Headlight Bulb

Price: $25.25
Remaining budget: $225.80

Team practice, dance rehearsals, and other activities can keep you on-campus at night. To keep you safe on the drive back to your dorm, make sure that your headlight bulbs are in the best condition. Installing new halogen headlight bulbs on your car help you clearly see the road ahead, especially when traveling at night.

These headlights are 12 volts and have 55 watts of illumination. They come with a single tungsten filament and B3 coating which increases depth perception and reduces eye fatigue. These are plug-and-play, so you don’t need to worry about installation.

Installing halogen headlight bulbs can help you see the road clearly at night.

Dash Camera

Price: $69.13
Remaining budget: $156.67

Installing a dash camera doesn’t just modernize your car, it could be your lifeline in case of an accident or confrontation on the road. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of budget-friendly dash cams that you can choose from.

The Papago GS2688G Dash Camera is worth every penny with its anti-glare mirror and temperature-resistant casing. Since it’s clipped over your rearview mirror, you don’t have to worry about keeping it in place or getting in the way of your view. It’s equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor, an HD camera with loop recording, and a G-sensor that automatically records and stores emergency files when it senses impact.

Tailgate Light Bar

Price: $45.04
Remaining budget: $111.63

If you want to put a personal touch on your hand-me-down car, this tailgate light bar might be the answer. These LED light bars give the rear of your vehicle added flair and style. If you’re on a budget, you can get great value for your money with the Putco Pure tailgate light bar. Not only does this illuminate when braking, but it also functions with the car’s reverse indicators and signal lights.

Sun Shade

Price: $35.96
Remaining budget: $75.67

Summer may be almost over, but it doesn’t mean that we’re safe from the heat of the sun. With the effects of global warming, the weather can be very unpredictable. On a sunny day, your car can be left exposed to the harsh effects of UV rays. If you don’t have access to parking areas with shade, then a sun shade might just be what you need.

Nothing can be more annoying than hopping in your car to rush to class, only to find your steering wheel too hot to touch. Placing a protective cover like the Plasticolor universal Star Wars-inspired windshield sun shade in your car protects the interiors from intense heat and prevents damage due to UV rays. It also helps prolong the life of interior trims, even in an older car.

Newark Black Carpet Kit

Price: $41.44
Remaining budget: $34.23

Complete your hand-me-down car makeover by installing brand new carpets. Get your hands on this carpet kit from Newark Auto Products while it’s on sale. These plush-cut nylon carpets not only provide extra cushioning, but also add a sophisticated look to the interior of your vehicle.

To install this carpet, all you need to do is cut the 39×60 inch fabric to fit your car floor. This kit provides maximum thermal insulation, keeping your interiors cool during summer and warm during cold winter days.

Carpets provide extra cushioning and adds sophisticated look to your car’s interior.

Adding accessories is a great way to make a hand-me-down car your own. For just under $300, you can get all of these accessories and make your ride look fresh for the new school year.

Author: JC Whitney

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