How To Remove Scratches From Your Car Using Common Household Items

Surface scratch on a car’s fender. | Source: Detailexperts

Wondering how to get rid of scratches from your car on a tight budget? You don’t need to spend a lot of dollars because some solutions can be found in your home! Here’s how to remove scratches using common household items:

Step 1: Wash It with Soap and Water

Examine the scuff marks on your car and make sure they’re not deep enough that they would require more advanced repair. Wash the car panel with soap and water then dry it with soft cloth.

Step 2: Apply Shoe Polish

Make sure paint scratches are visible by using a shoe polish that has a darker color compared to your car paint. Use a piece of soft cloth to apply polish and rub it over the scratch. It will spread out and fill in the scratch.

Step 3: Sand the Scratch

Mix 2 drops of liquid detergent into a bowl of cold water. Dip 2000-3000 grit sandpaper into the bowl then start sanding the affected area. Continue sanding lightly until shoe polish has been removed. Do this carefully so as not to sand down too much and damage the next layer of paint.

Step 4: Use Toothpaste

Once you’re done sanding, you can smooth out the car paint surface. First, clean the damaged area with a soft brush. A rubbing compound is normally used for this but you can also remove car scratches with toothpaste as a budget alternative. Using a piece of moist cloth, apply the toothpaste on the scratched surface and rub it in circular strokes. Repeat until the scratch has completely disappeared.

Step 5: Wax your Car

Clean the area to prepare it for waxing. Use a soft cloth to apply car wax over the area. Do it in circular strokes to produce a shine. Car wax serves as a protective layer that prevents further scratches.


Nail polish as a car scratch remedy. | Source:

Nail Polish

Nail polish can also be a car scratch remover. This may cover the scratches that sanding and buffing cannot remove.

Candle Wax

For minor scratches on your car’s paint, candle wax can be an option. It’s not actually a scratch remover but it can cover up light scratches. Check first if the affected area is clean before gently rubbing the candle wax onto the damaged area.

Super Glue

Super glue’s ability to blend with the surrounding surface makes it a good car scratch cover up. This serves as a transparent material that levels the minor scratch with the rest of the surrounding area.

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