How to Install a Truck Tool Box

Store your basic tools and supplies in a truck tool box to keep them in good condition and to make them easily accessible.

As a truck owner, it’s always best to come prepared before hitting the road. You must always bring basic tools with you in case your truck needs minor repairs immediately. This is when a truck tool box becomes handy—to keep your tools together for easy access.

A truck tool box is a storage box for tools usually placed on the truck bed. In addition to keeping your tools organized, a truck tool box keeps them in good condition by protecting them from harsh elements. Constant exposure to weather can damage tools through rust buildup. More importantly, a truck tool box can save you time when you need to fix your vehicle. Some tools are expensive and hard to find, so in case you have to do some emergency repairs, it’s convenient to have everything you need in an accessible box on your truck bed.


There are various types of truck tool boxes:

Crossover – set behind the cab with both sides resting atop the side bed rails

Truck side rail tool box – installed along the side bed rails extending into the truck bed

Chest tool box – sits on the truck bed behind the cab area

Top mount tool box – sits on top of the side bed rails extending upward

Roll out tool box/storage drawers – sliding drawers attached to your truck bed floor with a flat roof serving as your new truck bed floor

Wheel well tool box – set at the rear wheel well humps area of the truck bed

How to Install a Truck Tool Box

First, get the correct dimensions of your truck tool box. Don’t forget to get padding sheets or foam to protect your truck and its paint from damage, as well as screws, nuts, and bolts of the proper size, which you’ll use for tool box installation.

Next, determine where you want to put your tool box. Take note of your tool box’ measurements and how it is locked. Identify where your tool box can be placed comfortably.

Once you’re done, place the padding sheets/foam (the measurements should match your tool box’), then place them on your truck’s bed rails.

When the foam is set, anchor your truck tool box depending on its design. Align the tool box with your truck bed’s existing holes (these usually have rubber plugs). Pickup trucks vary in design so check if you need to screw bolts/J-Hooks into place.

Using pliers or a screw driver, tighten the nuts/bolts to fix your tool box—not too tight, not too loose.

What Should be Inside Your Truck Tool Box?

So what tools should you put inside a tool box? It depends on what kind of driving you plan to do or where you plan to go but the following are some of the basic tools and supplies your tool box should have:

  • Paper towels
  • Cables ties
  • Duct tape
  • Essential tools (hammer, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, ratchet, sockets, nuts/bolts)
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Tow straps
  • Tire chains
  • Emergency flare

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    • Hi Clint! Yes, place the tool box gently in order not to hit your truck cab. Things like this might be overlooked. Thanks for the additional tip.

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