Weego Jump Starters – Power that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

When you’re down and out (of power), Weego’s got your back with super cool jump starters for every need and every budget. Are you a student and just need something to power up those dead devices? Gotcha. Drive a tow truck for a living and need to jump vehicles on a daily basis? You’re dialed. Dead in the water on your boat? Weego’s got your back. Motorcycle’s been sitting around too long and got no get up and go? Got it. Wherever you go, Weego. Get it?

There’s something for everyone here in the jump starter category, whether you’re a person or a professional – or both. Let’s take a look at what Weego’s got…


Are you special? Do you like special things? Weego’s high performance jump starters have words like ‘patented’ and ‘built-in’ and ‘revolutionary’ in their descriptions which we think is special, anyway. Overall, you’ll find features like exclusive Smarty Clamps that guide you through the jump process with a series of sounds and lights, Detect-O-Matic USB chargers that power up your devices with the quickest charge and integrated flashlights and SOS strobes. Here we go…

The 22s

Affordable! (We all like that, right?) Great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats. Also jumps gas engines up to 5L and 2.5L diesels. The 22s is perfect if you’re just looking for a nifty little jump starter without all the bells and whistles.

The 22

Super efficient! Great for cars, trucks, laptops, phones, boats and motorcycles. Jumps gas engines up to 5L and 2.5L diesels. The 22 offers the same easy jump-starting capabilities as the 22s but also works as a portable charger and flashlight.

The 44

Most popular (like the prom queen)! Great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, laptops, phones, boats, ATV/UTVs, etc. Jumps gas engines up to 7L and 3.5L diesels and also works as a portable charger and flashlight but with more power than the 22 for powering accessories like air compressors and fans and providing twice as much lighting time.

The 66

Where’s the beef? Right here! Does everything the 44 does, but this bad boy can jump gas engines up to 10L and 5L diesels.

Wanna see ‘em in action? Check this out:

Weego – The Power to Go Anywhere from Paris Corporation on Vimeo.

The BASIC Jump Starters

The Standard

Great for cars, trucks, laptops, phones, boats and motorcycles. Jumps gas engines up to 4.6L and 2.4L diesels and has a USB charger and a great integrated flashlight. Charges in just 1.5 hours!

The Heavy-Duty

Great for cars, trucks, laptops, phones, boats and motorcycles. Jumps gas engines up to 6.4L and 3.2L diesels. Has what the Standard does, plus a strobe/SOS function and 19V/12V charging capability.

The Professional

All that the Heavy-Duty has to offer, but handles those bigger gas engines (up to 9.6L) and beastly 4.8L diesels.

Wait till you see this little number:

Weego – The Three Car Jump from Paris Corporation on Vimeo.

OK, that was fun, but if you still need more convincing, here’s what the pros are saying about Weego’s beefy boosters…

Shop our selection of Weego jump starters here.

Author: JC Whitney

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