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What exactly is a body plug?

This component is basically a plug that's used to cover drain holes located on a vehicle's body. This is commonly used on Jeeps or all-terrain vehicles that don't have a permanent or solid roof to keep water out. It's similar to a drain plug, but it's bigger and is made from a more durable component since it's constantly exposed to harsh external elements. Just like a bottle stopper, it covers up gaps and holes on your vehicle to prevent debris and dirt from contaminating the floor and side panels.

Do I need to install a body plug?

If your vehicle uses a soft top or doesn't have a roof, it's advisable to invest in this plug. Without one, those uncovered drain holes on a vehicle's trunk and floor and side panels can lead to annoying wind noise while driving at high speeds. It can also make the floor and sides of your vehicle more prone to damage since long, sharp objects and debris can easily get stuck inside the holes.

Is this plug easy to install?

Installing this plug can be done by any vehicle owner, regardless of his or her auto repair knowledge and tools. Actually, you just need to insert this plug onto a hole. There's no need for screws or bolts since this product is designed to snugly fit inside holes.

Do I need to regularly clean or wash this plug?

There's actually no need to frequently wash or clean this plug because it's highly resistant against dirt and grime buildup. If you do notice bits of grime stuck on the edges of the plug, you can wipe it away with a damp cloth or a soft brush. For a steel plug that's starting to corrode, get rid of those rusty bits as soon as you can. When dealing with hard-to-remove rust patches on a steel plug, it's best to just get a new one since this accessory is very affordable and widely available.

I need to replace a plug on my Jeep. What should I look for in a new body plug?

Take a look at a plug's material. For maximum durability, it should be made from tough rubber, silicone, or automotive-grade steel since it'll be frequently exposed to water and road debris. It should also fit your vehicle's drain holes to a T. Also, look for a plug that's made by a reputable brand so you won't end up with a poorly constructed part that'll just break or crack only after a few months' use. If you're using plugs on your vehicle's side panels, opt for those that'll complement the exterior. Fortunately, these accessories are available in basic colors such as black or gray so that they won't clash with the color of the side panels. For multiple drain holes, it's best to invest in a set that includes several plugs. This way, you'll be able to save money since buying in bulk is cheaper than buying these parts individually.

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