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Body Protection Film

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Preventing your vehicle paint from getting nicked or scratched can be a tedious task. Fortunately, you can cover your car's exterior panels with a body protection film, which acts like a plastic cover for your entire vehicle. And since it's made of see-through plastic, it's like you didn't apply anything at all. Plus, it's very easy to install as long as you have the right tools at home. Here's how:

Tools needed:

  • Spray bottle
  • Car soap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean rag

Step 1: Prep the surface to be covered.

Before attaching the plastic film, clean the surface to be covered with rubbing alcohol. Dip the clean rag in alcohol and wipe it on the surface until every bit of wax and grime is removed. Prior to film installation, it's actually best to wash your car first. Keep in mind that a contaminated surface will lessen the adhesive properties of the film.

Step 2: Spray car soap on the body surface.

Put some car soap in a bottle spray and squirt some on the area to be covered. Make sure that the entire surface is wet with car soap.

Step 3: Soak the body protection film with car soap.

As you squirt the soap solution onto the surface of the car, don't forget to apply some on the film as you remove it from the paper backing. Make sure that both sides of the film are completely soaked in car soap.

Step 4: Attach the film.

Lay out the wet body protection film on the surface to be covered. Make sure that the film lays flat and is properly aligned along the edges of the hood. As you lay the film in place, squirt some soap water to tack the adhesive underneath the film. After putting the film in place, use the squeegee that comes with a protection film kit to squeeze out the air bubbles beneath the film. Repeat this process until all the air bubbles are removed. When attaching the film onto the different parts of your car's exterior, simply repeat the steps above. Take extra care when laying out the film over tricky areas such as the headlights and side marker panels.

Step 5: Let the body protection film dry up completely.

This means you shouldn't wash the car for 48 hours after installing the film. The high-pressure water coming from a car wash hose can move the film out of place.

Tips to prolong the life of your car's body protection film

  • Avoid applying harsh cleaners onto the film as these chemicals can easily damage the clear coat.
  • Don't use abrasive pads or brushes when washing a car with a protective film since these cleaning tools can permanently scratch the film's coating.
  • Use ordinary car wash soap and hot water when getting rid of bug guts and grime.
  • Depending on the type or brand of protective film you use, you can actually apply a finishing coat to seal the film against dirt and moisture.
  • Wax your car at least once a year to keep the film looking new for many years.