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Did you know that 30% of motorcycle accidents involve riders getting hurt in their legs or feet? Having injuries from the leg down is actually the most common type of injury that bike riders endure. So if you have a motorcycle, make sure you're geared up to avoid becoming a part of this statistic. Ensure this by getting yourself new boots that match your needs. You want a boot that is strong and sturdy enough to protect you during an accident. However, you also want something that can fit everyday use so that you won't have to bring along some extra shoes with you when you ride.

Why do I need motorcycle boots?

A motorcycle boot is very different from ordinary ones because they're designed with a rider's needs in mind. They're typically packed with protective features such as molded ankle protection for increased torsional stiffness and oil-resistant soles to prevent you from slipping when you put a foot down on the road. They also usually have built-in shifter pads, buckles, and belts to prevent sagging and double or triple stitches to take care of the seams.

What are the different types of motorcycle boots?

  • Touring - Comfortable and provides protection at the shin, ankle and toes, this type is perfect for bikers who travel long distances in different kinds weather.
  • Motocross - This particular type is perfect for bikers who like to ride on tough terrain and dirt tracks.
  • Motorcycle Racing - This type is ideal for bikers with a need for speed because it has a smooth sole, which gives a rider full control.
  • Motorcycle Cruiser - Thick soled, this type is all about comfort and ease, making it perfect for everyday use.

What should I look for in motorcycle boots?

  • Material - A lot of regular shoes won't be able to give you the right amount of protection, especially during an accident. A motorcycle boot is typically made of thick leather, so it's resistant to abrasion. You will also find some that are made with high-quality textile that is abrasion-resistant yet light and breathable. Lastly, if you ride in an area where it frequently rains, you should choose treated leather because the untreated variety tends to absorb water, making your feet uncomfortable the whole day.
  • Height - To ensure that your feet are protected, choose shoes that are above the ankle. The top part of the boot should also have a stable construction to give you enough support while you ride. However, if you want something that will provide maximum protection, you may want to consider a high-top or full-height boot. In case you fall or get into road mishap, wearing something like makes a big difference.
  • Closures - The locking mechanism of the boot is also an important factor to consider. Lace is highly popular because it's very basic and secure. On the other hand, other boots are closed using buckles, which can make the shoe a bit heavy. Lastly, there are also Velcro options that are popular for racing applications.