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For the best exhaust system in the market, go for Bosal. Take your pick from the selection of Bosal products we have here for your vehicle. You can’t go wrong with the quality of its products matched with JC Whitney’s impeccable customer service. We wouldn’t be here for over 90 years if we aren’t that credible. Order your Bosal parts now and see for yourself!

Bosal Brand Articles

  • Bosal: Providing Suitable Exhaust Components and More

    Even up to this day, a lot of people from all around the world continue to enjoy the benefits of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The power plant packed inside each rolling machine is designed to carry on the tasks demanded from them. This includes being able to reach the desired highway speeds without too much strain. Likewise, it should also have enough energy to handle the weight from the rest of the components and load the vehicle carries. During this process, the engine produces smoke as a byproduct. This segment is where companies like Bosal made a mark.

    A look into Bosal history

    Bosal first got into the manufacturing industry during the early phases of the 20th century. It was established in 1923. The company invested on techniques and facilities that allowed it to alter sheet metal into useful components. After putting up a good deal of effort through the years, it has already amassed 34 manufacturing plants and 18 distribution centers worldwide. Running these facilities are about 5,000 skilled and dedicated employees.

    Given the extent of the company\'s existence, it has already gathered knowledge, skills, and technology in order to produce quality automotive parts that come at par with original equipment specifications. But the challenge does not stop there. Bosal has also explored the possibilities of producing aftermarket products that can improve the performance of vehicles. While it still based in Belgium, the brand has already reached American shores. Right now, Bosal products are being distributed through different avenues in USA. It provides parts for automotive makes such as Volkswagen, Honda, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda.

    Exhaust components

    In the US market, Bosal asserts itself as one of the leading manufacturers for both OE and aftermarket exhaust components. The company claims to be a pioneer one-piece, direct-fit replacement exhaust systems. Twenty-five years after making its mark, Bosal continues to make itself known to the public by complying with the evolving emission regulations mandated by the government.

    In an effort to give out its best to both the existing and new clients, Bosal offers a number of components included in the typical exhaust system. Among these are fabricated insulated manifolds and catalytic converters. The manifolds are pieces attached to the engine block to be the immediate avenue for the gases to go through after the combustion. On the other hand, the catalytic converters are situated somewhere in between the manifold and the exhaust tip. This part is responsible for triggering a reaction that alters the composition of the exhaust fume. The process makes it less toxic to the environment once it exits the system.

    Other automotive products

    Beyond exhaust components, Bosal is also known to produce other suitable car parts for practical applications. For vehicles that are associated with utilitarian work, there are tow bars, roof racks, and roof bars. The brand also caters the production of parts that can boost a little bit on the aerodynamics department with its wind deflectors. Lastly, it also markets jacks and tool kits to help drivers address repairs by their own.