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When attaching interior of exterior accessories on your vehicle, you'll sometimes have to use a mounting bracket. This is basically a frame that's usually made of high-grade plastic or metal and is designed to support the weight of an aftermarket accessory. Depending on its location and purpose, this component is attached onto the vehicle using adhesive tapes, hooks, screws, or bolts. If you're on the lookout for a mounting frame, here are the things you should consider depending on the type of accessory you're planning to install:

Material: plastic or metal?

If you're installing a mobile phone or TV holder inside your car, a plastic mounting bracket is a good choice. This material is lightweight enough for your vehicle's dashboard but is sturdy enough to support the weight of an electronic gadget such as a mini TV, LCD screen, or mobile phone. Plus, it's available in basic colors and finishes so you won't have to worry about this mounting accessory looking like a sore thumb once it's installed.

A metal type is your best bet if you're planning to install heavier accessories such as bumpers, top carriers, and power loaders for ATVs. This type is strong enough to support such heavy aftermarket accessories. It's also available in various types such as stainless steel or aluminum, giving you plenty of options especially if you have to stick to a budget.

Location: inside or outside the vehicle?

For interior accessories, a mounting component made of lightweight materials such as plastic is a good option. This type won't scratch or damage interior surfaces but is strong enough to provide long-lasting support.

When planning to install the mounting frame outside the vehicle, look for a heavy-duty metal bracket. If you don't want the heavy weight of a steel mounting accessory, opt for an aluminum one since the latter is lightweight yet highly durable. You'll also want an accessory that won't easily give in to corrosion, harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and vibration. That's why it's best to invest in one that comes with a rust-prohibitive coating and features a tough construction.

Means of installation: adhesive strip, hooks, screws, or bolts?

Interior mounting accessories usually use adhesive strips because of course, you don't want to drill holes on your dashboard. For heavier, external components, options include bolts, screws, and hooks. For a more permanent means of installation, look for a bracket that requires a screw-on or bolt-on installation.

Other buying tips

  • Double-check the specs of your car and the accessory you're planning to attach with the help of the bracket. Have these specs on hand when looking for a mounting accessory to make sure it'll perfectly fit your car and will securely hold the accessory in place.
  • Use the right screws, bolts, or hooks to prevent damaging the mounting frame during installation. Before installation, make sure you've got all the installation hardware you need. It'll be such a hassle if you find out during the middle of the installation process that you're missing a screw or bolt.