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Brake Master Cylinder Cover

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The brake master cylinder needs to be in perfect shape at all times as it holds and sends the brake fluid that flows into the braking unit of each wheel. But, regular use and temperature extremes can cause the cylinder's internal and external seals to wear out. Its cover can get dented or might rust, too. When the brake fluid starts to leak, you'd better check out the cylinder's seals. If, during your inspection, you find out that the brake master cylinder cover already has signs of serious damage, don't think twice in replacing it.

With the lots of choices available in the market these days, all claiming to be the best, getting a brake master cylinder cover for your ride can be kind of difficult. To help you find the right cover and get the best value for your money, here are the four important things you should consider when shopping:

Type of cover

There are different types of brake master cylinder cover, and it's wise to get an exact replacement for your stock. Some come in a form of caps to cover the openings in the cylinder and keep dirt out while others are designed to cover the caps and provide them with the protection they need so they can stay durable for long periods. Base your choice on the type of cover in your car that necessitates replacement.


The main reason why it is always wise to get an exact replacement of the cover that needs to be replaced is proper fit. You see, the brake master cylinder cover won't be able to do its task well if it always gets dislodged as you go over bumpy terrains. A loose cover won't be able to help prevent brake fluid leak.


The usual materials used for brake master cylinder covers are ABS plastic, injection molded plastic, heavy-gauge steel, and billet aluminum. Each of these materials has its own shares of advantages or disadvantages, but it's safer to get the same material your stock cover is made of. There's a reason the vehicle manufacturer used that material, and it's probably because the automaker believes that that particular type of material can hold up to the demands of the tasks the cover needs to perform.

Quantity sold

Some covers for the brake master cylinder are sold individually while others are offered as a set. There are also covers that include bail wire/s for retention. Cylinder caps are usually available in a set of 2 while covers designed to protect these caps mostly come in one piece. But depending on the design of the brake master cylinder, there are also covers that are made up of several pieces to deliver maximum protection.


Not all brake master cylinder covers come with warranty coverage, so if you just can't decide on which cover to get, you can consider the product's warranty. This is the manufacturer's way of telling you how confident they are with the quality of their products, so the longer warranty could mean better product construction and quality.

These are just five of the factors you can consider to make your purchase easier and more practical. You can still factor other things like the price, your budget, and the cover's finish.