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Buick LeSabre Parts And Buick LeSabre Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Buick LeSabre parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Buick LeSabre to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Three Common Problems and Easy Solutions for Buick LeSabre

    Recognized as one of the top-selling and popular full-sized sedan created by General Motors, the Buick LeSabre was known for having cozy interiors and simple look. Most of its owners are senior citizens, which somehow gave it an old-fashioned aura. The LeSabre also carried the lowest base price in the Buick series for several years. General Motors, however, saw this as an opportunity to market the model directly to the oldies. This made it gain more popularity, which translated into sales. Now, it is up to the owners how they will make the most out of this classic sedan. Just like any other car, the LeSabre is known for a couple of common problems.

    Worn-out window regulator

    One of the typical complaints of LeSabre owners is their broken window regulator. There are instances wherein the passenger window would suddenly stop working and just remain stuck. When this happens, most of the time the culprit is a broken or faulty window regulator. This is not an unusual problem because over time, this part succumbs to wear and tear. Part of it might already be worn out or its cable could be damaged. Sometimes, the cable jumps out of the roller, causing the regulator to get stuck either upward or downward. The only solution is to have the regulator fixed or replaced with a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

    Power windows not working

    One of the most frustrating car problems is having malfunctioning power windows. You have no choice but to open your car door when you need to get something from the outside, such as a toll ticket or your drive-thru meal perhaps. If you can\'t move the window, your fuse might have blown out. This is due to time and sticky window channels. You might also need to round up a schematic of your car\'s electrical system to check if power flows perfectly fine. You might find a loose or corroded connector, which interrupts the voltage to the motor. It could also be due to a bad switch. Replace any damaged part immediately to have your power windows working again.

    Dashboard failing and breaking

    Aside from the power windows issue, another problem that is usually associated with the LeSabre is regarding its dashboard. For cars that are more than ten years old, it is highly expected that you will see your dashboard disintegrating. This would start off as a small crack, and it will end up splitting your dash into two. When ignored, it may cause you a lot of problems, like your airbag to be failing on the moment you need it. It is important that you take immediate action on this. You may ask your dealer for a quick fix for it by using screws to keep the parts together. However, the best way is to replace your dashboard panel with a new one. This has been raised by quite a lot of LeSabre owners, but neither Buick nor General Motors issued a recall for this dash problem.