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Cadillac Articles

  • Cadillac and Some of the Industry Firsts that Made It the Standard of the World

    Established in 1902 from the remnants of Henry Ford Company, Cadillac has indisputably stood the tests of time, positioning itself as one of America\'s premiere carmaker. It took great pride in being the world\'s oldest automobile brands, next to Buick. Defined by many groundbreaking industry firsts, this iconic American brand has shaped.and remains unstoppable, innovative, and driven, so it can continue to define.the automotive industry. Here are some of the innovations and industry firsts that made Cadillac a part of every American\'s history, solidifying its place at the top of the U.S. luxury market:

    Interchangeable parts

    Six years after its inception, Cadillac has laid the foundation for modern mass production of vehicles by pioneering the use of interchangeable precision Cadillac parts, making it the very first American car to bag the prestigious Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club of England. This groundbreaking first and its Dewar recognition made Cadillac aptly adopt the slogan .The Standard of the World..

    The electric self-starter

    Cadillac was the first automobile marque to introduce .the car with no crank. with its Model Thirty. Featuring electric self-starter, lighting, and ignition, this vehicle has made driving possible for women. This innovation has also brought the Dewar trophy back to Cadillac, making it the only carmaker to ever bag the recognition twice. In 1915, Cadillac has also launched the first mass-produced vehicle fitted with a V-type, water-cooled, eight cylinder (V8) engine, another innovation that has been coined to the Cadillac brand.

    The world\'s first V16

    The Great Depression hasn\'t stopped Cadillac from raising the standards yet again by its introduction of the world\'s first V-type 16-cylinder engine. The of the most powerful and quietest engines in the U.S. at that time.was fitted on a passenger car, which became one of Cadillac\'s most iconic models. It was then followed by a V12 version, which provided people with an option between V8 and the V16. In 1937, a Cadillac-made V8 made news by breaking all previous stock car records at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Standard power steering

    After introducing the signature tail fins and winning the first-ever Car of the Year award in 1949, Cadillac has welcomed the post-war boom with open arms by producing 100,000 vehicles a year. But what contributed to its being one of the definitive icons of the fifties was the power steering, which was made standard on the brand\'s entire fleet. This was followed by a series of safety innovations, including signature Cadillac parts like the autotronic eye, a feature that automatically dims the headlights.

    Thermostatically regulated a/c system

    Cadillac remained true to its dedication in making technological advancements. In the sixties, it has adopted the use of modern parts like the self-adjusting brakes, front seat belts, variable-ration power steering, and automatically controlled headlamps. It was also in the sixties when it first fitted its vehicles with the industry\'s first thermostatically regulated air-conditioning, heating, and venting system.

    Some notable Cadillac accessories including stereo radio, seat warmers, and the most recognized Cadillac emblem of all times were also introduced in rapid succession.

    Electronically fuel-injected engines

    The brand welcomed the 70s by the launching of the 400-hp, 8.2-liter engine Eldorado with a completely redesigned axle boasting what was then the highest torque capacity for any passenger car. Cadillac also pioneered the use of catalytic converters and air cushion restraints. In the mid-70s, it also became the first carmaker to offer electronically fuel-injected engines. The Cadillac Seville also became one of the first automobiles to be fitted with an onboard microprocessor in its digital display.

    Integrated microprocessors

    Besides its unique bustle-back styling, Cadillac was also the first car manufacturer to feature integrated microprocessors to regulate fuel injection, ignition, as well as vehicle diagnostics. The company\'s efforts in standardizing customer service practices also made it number one in J.D. Power customer sales satisfaction.

    Other innovations and industry firsts

    These are just a handful of the many innovations and industry firsts Cadillac has provided the industry with. Among the other Cadillac auto parts and features that are worth commending are the electronic traction control system on 4WD vehicles, 32-valve Northstar V8 engine that boasts 16 patented advancements, all-electronically controlled powertrain, speed-sensitive suspension, and a whole lot more.