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Cadillac Fleetwood Parts And Cadillac Fleetwood Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Cadillac Fleetwood parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Cadillac Fleetwood to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Preventing Rust from Spreading Throughout Your Cadillac Fleetwood

    There\'s nothing like constant corrosive agents to ruin your beloved vintage car. Granted, your Cadillac Fleetwood is already half a century old so it\'s bound to become weak and quite vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions; a few rust spots shouldn\'t really come much as a surprise anymore. Whether it\'s your lack of attention when it comes to its maintenance, or the surrounding (seaside salty air), or just the genuine weakening of metal through time, you really can\'t protect your car from getting rusted without some effort. And if it has already begun, then it\'s up to you if you\'re going to do something about it or you\'d just let your gorgeous vintage be eaten up.

    Immediate action is necessary.

    Once your vehicle begins rusting, there\'s no turning back. It won\'t magically disappear over time, and the only thing that can prevent it from spreading is your immediate action. Even a small rust spot underneath your Cadillac\'s body poses a serious threat on the rest of your vehicle. Just because it seems far from the engine or the transmission system or the suspension, doesn\'t mean that it won\'t get there. If you let a seemingly harmless corroded area be left untreated, then it would only be a matter of time before you\'re already faced with a serious rust problem that is difficult to deal with and expensive as well.

    Complete and thorough removal of rust is crucial.

    If you\'re going to remove the rust from your vehicle, make sure that you do so completely and thoroughly. Use proper equipment and materials to remove all the rust and not just the top part of it. You\'ll need a sander and grinder to help you get rid of the rust completely. The sander should be used in removing the paint around the rusted area as to ensure that all the possible contaminated outer layer of your car is free of rust particles. Next would be the grinding wheel to remove any rust build-up looming underneath your paint. Just be careful though as you may end up grinding more metal than you need. Use a rust removing acid as a finishing touch to the removal job you just did to make sure that indeed all rust particles have been eliminated.

    Invest on rust preventative measures.

    Even though your vehicle has already succumbed to corrosion and has been consequently cleared of it, it doesn\'t mean that it won\'t get rusted again. Be smart and invest on rust protection instead of just anticipating it from happening again. It sure is less troublesome and less expensive to protect your vehicle instead of fixing it from rust damage.

    Car waxing is a good way to keep your vehicle protected as it becomes another layer that will cover the metallic body, which is the most prone to rusting. Make sure that you also give your car a regular and thorough wash to get rid of any debris that maybe carrying harmful chemicals and moisture, both of which could cause corrosion. A car cover should also be considered as an added protection against extreme heat and moisture, and even from accidental scratching off or nicking of your car paint.