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Below you'll find a wide variety of Cadillac STS parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Cadillac STS to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • What the Check Engine Light of Your Cadillac STS is Telling You

    The Check Engine Light causes a love-hate relationship with most Cadillac STS and their owners. It\'s annoying and allegedly often doesn\'t indicate anything. People generally dread seeing an illuminated Check Engine Light (CEL), fearing a trip to the mechanic, which could result in costly repairs. Nevertheless, not all CEL issues are a cause for worry; sometimes, a simple DIY may work in turning off the bothersome light. Despite all the negativity surrounding the Check Engine Light, every responsible Cadillac STS owner must learn its importance and how it keeps your car in shape.

    Ignorance is misery

    As much as you wish to ignore it, the Check Engine Light is vital and acts as a warning indicator. When a component or system in your emission control system is not working, this is determined by your car engine\'s computer, which eventually passes along the message to you through the CEL. Ignoring the Check Engine Light of your Cadillac STS does not help both you and your vehicle to pass any emission tests in the future.

    Passing pollution-control requirements are not the only concern your CEL may be telling you. In fact, the worst-case scenario would be a flashing Check Engine Light. A blinking pattern in your CEL indicates that something\'s seriously wrong with the emission control system. Every blink causes damage to your catalytic converter, which could overheat to the point of starting a fire.

    The Check Engine Light decoded

    Not to worry though, because sometimes, a CEL can illuminate because of the simplest of reasons. Learning more about the one in your Cadillac STS gives you the upper hand in knowing what actions to take next. When the Check Engine Light comes on, the engine control module holds one or more of these diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), which is stored even after the light goes out. Determining the problem starts with retrieving the DTCs, deciphering what each code conveys, before moving on to the actual troubleshooting.

    The simplest CEL problem

    Taking your Cadillac STS to have the codes checked by a service professional would be the best option. However, there\'s also a simple and quick solution that just might work. One of the prevalent reasons why a Check Engine Light illuminates is because of just a loose or worn gas cap. It could be frustrating to take pains to bring your Cadillac STS into the shop, only to find out that a quick tightening or replacing of the gas cap was all it needed.

    What is it about the gas cap that may cause all the CEL trouble? In addition to sealing the fuel system and helping maintain the pressure within the fuel tank, the gas cap\'s also responsible for preventing the gasoline fumes from being released into the atmosphere. Unless you revel in losing fuel through evaporation and making frequent trips to the gas pump, replace the gas cap once it becomes too worn or damaged in order to prevent greater problems that would substantially damage both your Cadillac STS and your wallet.