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In this day and age, everyone has become very dependent on gadgets, especially cell phones. Aside from keeping you connected to the world, you use your phone for just about anything. It helps you navigate your way into the city, it helps you keep track of your schedule, it keeps you on the loop, etc. At this point, it seems like it can do almost anything! If you're going on a road trip anytime soon, having your trusty phone with you will make you safer and life will definitely be more convenient. That's why you need to be prepared when it comes to powering up your gadgets. If your portable power bank runs out of power and you're still out in the middle of nowhere, it's a good idea to have a backup car charger that would help your phone survive the trip. Car chargers are small in size, so bringing them along won't be a hassle. If you want to purchase one for your ride, here's a quick guide that will teach you a thing or two about this useful component.

How to Buy a Car Charger for Your Ride

1. Match the charger with your gadget. The first thing that you need to do when choosing a charger is to ensure that it matches your gadget. Get a charger is compatible with your phone in terms of port, connection, and power output.

2. Choose the type of charger. There are two types of chargers available in the market.those attached onto the cigarette lighter socket and those that are portable and powered by batteries. Depending on your needs, choose one the best matches you and your ride.

3. Go for universal chargers. Universal chargers typically come with a variety of cables that will allow you to charge a wide range of gadgets. This makes them perfect for travelers who carry more than one device.

4. Prepare your budget. Chargers are very convenient and easy to bring. The good news is, they're also easy on the pocket. To make sure that you get one with good quality, buy from a brand that you can trust. Also, be prepared to spend around $50 or even less.

How to Charge Your Phone Using a Car Charger

After purchasing the perfect charger for your device and your ride, here's a basic guide that will help you power up your gadget on the road.

Step 1: To begin, connect one end of charger to your gadget. Make sure that you attach it to a port where it perfectly fits.

Step 2: Once you've connected the charger to your device, locate your vehicle's electric outlet by looking for a plastic button with cigarette symbol. This outlet is typically located near the temperature control on the center console.

Step 3: As soon as you locate the outlet, plug the round end of the charger in it and make sure that it fits just right. After that, see if your device is charging by checking its power status and wait for it to power up until a hundred percent before taking it out.

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