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When detailing your vehicle, you must look for a kit that contains all the stuff that you'll need. A good auto detailing kit will make the job so much easier since all components are guaranteed to work together without problems or complications. To help you out, here's a short guide when searching for the best kits. We've rounded up some of the stuff that you'll find in a good detailing set:


For car washing, it's best to use a shampoo that's especially formulated for the car and not just any detergent you can find at home. A car shampoo can get rid of dirt more easily. Rinsed properly, this won't leave behind any residue or elements that could be damaging to the vehicle's paint and finish. The product is easier to use and will best prep up your vehicle for the clay when you do the detailing.


This is an essential component of an auto detailing kit. With clay and clay lubricant, ingrained dirt and resin can be removed even if they have settled deep into the paint. Treating the car with clay is a must when prepping it up for the polishing process. This will ensure deep cleaning after the vehicle has been thoroughly washed.


The polish in the kit is used to make the paintwork on the vehicle shine. Polishing is crucial for auto detailing as it brings out depth in the color and makes the clear coat on the vehicle more pronounced. Some may use a buffer when polishing the vehicle. Aside from the polish itself, the auto detailing kit may include a special cloth for use in polishing. A microfiber cloth is also usually part of the kit since this fabric is known to be gentle on surfaces. It won't ruin the paint compared to cotton.

Sealant or Wax

The final touch for the detailing job is done with the use of either wax or sealant, which provides some needed protection on the vehicle's paint and finish. Some kits contain sealant instead of wax since it works better with most products. The auto detailing kit should have a special applicator for the sealant or cloth for buffing. Usually, the applied sealant is good for several months.

Tip: Choosing the best auto detailing kit

When shopping for a detailing kit, check the package for its complete list of components and other features. It shouldn't only include special solutions such as clay, wax, sealant, or shampoo; it should also include the needed tools and materials for the job. These tools will make it easier to apply each solution on the car and will prevent scratches and dings on the delicate paintwork. You must get the complete package.

After familiarizing yourself with the components of the kit, shop around for the best prices. Some retailers offer the best detailing solutions at discounted rates. It will also help to check out some reviews on specific products for auto detailing to know what will work best for your vehicle and what will give you the best results.