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Car Stereo Installation Kit

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If you're the type of person who prepares a mix tape every time there's a long road trip ahead, then you're probably obsessive about your car's sound system too. If you've recently done some upgrades on your car's stereo, then you'll surely want to invest on a car stereo installation kit as well. Aren't you bothered by the fact that your car's stereo seems out of place from your vehicle's interiors? Well if you are, then this is the answer to your problems. With the help of a good kit, your new stereo system will be able to fit seamlessly into your system. In fact, it will appear like it's always been there before. Here's a brief guide to help you get the right kit for your ride and some tips on how to install a new sound system without any problems.

Finding the Right Car Stereo Installation Kit

Making your vehicle's new sound system look like an OE component is made easy, all thanks to the car stereo installation kit. Before you go out to buy one, here are some tips that you might find useful.

1. Buy a kit that will fit your vehicle make and model. To make installation a piece of cake and to save time, make sure you buy a kit that is compatible with your vehicle.

2. Pick a kit that matches your stereo's DIN. Aside from matching your vehicle's make and model, you should also get a kit that matches the size of your newly installed stereo. In this case, your stereo can either be a single or double DIN.

3. Get a kit that comes with mounting hardware. Of course, installation will not be possible without the proper mounting hardware. Before buying a kit, check if the car stereo installation kit comes with the nuts, bolts, or screws that you'll need to avoid any hassles.

Tips for Car Stereo Installation

Before you can use a car stereo installation kit, you need to change your car stereo first. Whether it's to upgrade your current system or to fix your old one, here are some tips to make the pre-installation process easier.

  • Remove the negative battery cable. Before you start the process, make sure you remove the negative battery cable to avoid getting electrocuted. It would be best to follow this safety precaution every time you work on electrical components in your vehicle.
  • Check if the stereo is held by clips or bolts. Before taking the old stereo out, check if it is held on by spring clips. If they are, you can use DIN tools to pull it out. On the other hand, if they are bolted in place, you need to pry its plastic trim first to locate the bolts. Most probably, you'll need to remove four screws to be able to take the entire stereo out.
  • Unplug the wiring connections. As soon as you've taken the mounting hardware off, find the wiring harness that's connected to the stereo and speakers. You need to unplug these wires, including the one that connects the stereo to the antenna to make way for the new connections.