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No more space for your fishing gear, camping equipment, and other luggage? Don't worry! You won't have to leave them behind or try to squeeze them in an already crowded trunk and fret all the time, wondering if they're still doing fine. With a cargo box that you can mount on the roof rack, hook to the rear of the vehicle, or assemble inside the trunk, you get additional storage space in an instant. This storage container will not only solve your cargo space problems but will also keep your stuff from scattering all over the place with every dip and bump on the road.

Types of cargo box

Roof top cargo box

The roof rack box is mounted through the vehicle's crossbars with a u-bolt mounting kit or other hardware for securing the cargo on top. This container is usually constructed from ABS plastic. The material is light, which means it doesn't add unnecessary weight to the vehicle, and durable, which keeps the container safe from impacts caused by bumps and other forces on the road such as blows from tree branches.

Rear-mounted cargo carrier

A cargo carrier can also be mounted on the rear of the vehicle, sometimes with a hitch. This type of storage box can be made using high-strength LLPDE, durable polymer. It produces less drag compared to the rooftop box, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

Trunk cargo organizer/storage box

Different items can be arranged neatly and stored safely in this cargo box, which can be manufactured from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum for the SUV storage box or steel for the trunk storage system. It may come with a cargo liner on top and may feature a non-skid surface to prevent cargo shifting. This can be placed and secured easily through existing brackets and cargo tie-down holes.

Things to consider when buying a cargo box

Size and maximum weight capacity

The size of the box widely ranges, depending on the type of cargo carrier you'll use. For instance, it can be as small as 2.7 cu. ft. for trunk storage systems or as large as 16 cu. ft. for rear-mounted cargo carriers. In some containers, load capacity can range from 110 lbs. to as much as 200 lbs. When considering the size and maximum weight capacity, ask yourself these questions: Can the cargo container hold or secure the stuff you want to mount on top or hook at the rear of the vehicle? Does it fit the cargo space on the trunk?

Ease of installation

Make sure that it comes with complete hardware and accessories for fast mounting and assembly. The rooftop cargo box, for instance, should be directly mounted to OEM or aftermarket crossbars, or round or square roof racks, without requiring any modification. The storage box on the trunk, meanwhile, should be secured easily with cargo tie-downs and brackets. For rear-mounted boxes, there should be ample ground clearance through the frame.


Storage boxes should be complete with locks and keys. They should be tightly sealed to ensure that the contents of the box will remain clean, dry, and damage-free. To keep the cargo safe from moisture and spills, some storage boxes are even designed to be waterproof or water-resistant.

Easy access and other convenience features

The cargo box should not only be tightly sealed but easy to open as well. As such, some cargo containers are designed with rear openings for easy access from around the vehicle or with passenger-side openings for safe and convenient loading. Others also have single-lock mechanisms or dual push button latch openings for comfort. Many rooftop boxes have gas hydraulic shocks to slowly open the cover.

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