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The weekend's near again! And if you're going to take a trip with the entire family or with a couple of your friends, you'd better make sure that there's enough space in your vehicle.not only for you and your passengers but also for everyone's cargo. If you're going on a long trip, you'll need a lot of, water, toiletries, etc. You can't leave any of these essentials behind, especially if you're going camping or somewhere far where there's no supply store nearby. If there's not enough space for all the cargo that you have to bring, you'll find yourself in a tricky situation. Surely, you don't want to find that out on the day of your trip. So better yet, stay one step ahead and invest in a brand-new cargo carrier for some extra storage space in your ride. Cargo carriers are attached outside of the vehicle.on top, at the sides, behind, or on the spare tires. To find out how to install this convenient travelling companion, below is a quick guide that will help you learn the basics.

How to Install the Cargo Carrier on Top of a Vehicle

The top of your vehicle provides you with an ample amount of space that you can use to carry your stuff. When driving, make sure that the lid of the carrier is closed and locked to protect your cargo.

Step 1: Together with an assistant, place the carrier that you bought on your car's roof, setting it on the cross rails.

Step 2: After that, modify the position of the roof rails and set the adjustable cross rails to its widest possible setting to line up the mounting slots.

Step 3: Next, place the cargo carrier on the rear end of the roof, making sure that you leave enough space for the rear hatch. Positioning the carrier near the rear reduces wind resistance and improves your car's aerodynamics.

Step 4: Once it's in position, put the U-bolts around the cross rails then through the carrier. After that, put the metal plate between the roof rail and carrier to reinforce the two. Then, secure this with threaded knobs. Repeat this step until all four U-bolts are in place.

Step 5: If you find any extra mounting holes at the bottom of the carrier, cover them up with vinyl patches to keep water out.

How to Install the Cargo Carrier on a Tire Carrier

Some cargo carriers can be mounted onto a vehicle's factory or aftermarket tire carrier with multiple attachment points to make it secure.

Step 1: To begin, take the spare tire out of the tire carrier and install the stem mount to the mounting studs of the spare tire.

Step 2: After that, put the spare tire back and install the carrier's main body onto the stem mount, securing it using the mounting hardware that came with it.

Step 3: When the carrier has been installed, install the remaining mounting hardware to remove excess play and secure the component.