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Next to the vehicle's undercarriage, the cargo area takes a lot of beatings even during your ordinary daily commutes. It provides room for the things that you need to bring along with you regularly, such as the tool box, spare tire, and an extra pair of shoes or slippers.

Can you just imagine the torture it has to go through at times when you need to transport heavy cargos and bring your pet on your travels? Add to that your camping, fishing, or sports equipment, plus a lot of other stuff you need for your vacation or weekend getaway, and you're sure to have a beat-up cargo area. Fortunately, there are now lots of accessories that you can buy to protect your cargo area from all sorts of damage. You can get a cargo mat, cargo liner, cargo organizers, grocery nets, and of course, a cargo tray.

While the cargo liner takes care of the carpet and the floor panel, it can only do so much in keeping the cargo compartment organized. If you frequently bring all sorts of things when traveling with your family or friends, you have to be extra kinder to your vehicle. You can do that by outfitting it with a cargo tray. This add-on provides your ride with instant additional storage when needed.

Here are the other reasons why you should get such add-on for your ride:

It increases your ride's cargo-carrying capacity.

No matter what the tray's rated capacity is, one thing's for improves the vehicle's cargo-carrying capability. Some trays can carry 50-100 lbs of cargo inside the cabin or the cargo area while others can hold up to 500 lbs. of gear outside the vehicle, either in the truck bed or in the roof rack.

It keeps the cargo area organized.

Without a cargo tray or any cargo organizer, your trunk can look like a messy jungle of this and that. Enter the tray and you can now easily separate the clean stuff from the dirty ones or the smaller items from the bigger ones. By keeping the cargo organized, you won't find it hard to look for even the smallest item that you store in your trunk.

It helps maintain the vehicle's resale value.

Since the cargo tray helps protect your ride from some kind of abuse that transporting cargo may cause, it can help maintain, if not increase, the vehicle's resale value. Remember, even the smallest dents and scratches in your trunk or cargo area can significantly decrease the total value of your ride when the time comes that you need to resell it.

It provides room for your delicate cargo.

You can use the tray to hold your groceries or other delicate items and keep them from mingling with your dirty stuff. This way, you can protect them from dirt and other possible damage. You can even put the tray inside the cabin to isolate some fragile items from the dirty or heavier ones. With the cargo tray, your items will stay intact and protected even if the vehicle goes over rough terrains.

The best thing about cargo trays is that they are not permanent fixtures on the vehicle. They can easily be removed, cleaned, and stored when they aren't needed.