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Want to take a break from the mounting repair bills from your broken braking system? Then install some heavy-duty braking components now from Centric. To assure you that all our parts are reliable, we’re offering all of our Centric products with a 30-day Guarantee! Check out our catalog below and start searching for brake parts and accessories that really work.

Centric Brand Articles

  • How many times are you going to change your brake pads before you realize you’ve spent a fortune on them? Many brake components today are so poor that aside from putting you in jeopardy, they also drain your pockets through unending repairs. If you want a braking system that never fails to respond and exceeds all your expectations in terms of durability, turn to the guys who are way ahead of the pack in this field–Centric. The great news? We’re here to help you get your hands on the finest Centric Brakes and Accessories in the aftermarket.

    The awesome quality of Centric Brakes is the result of various patented technologies devised for all kinds of vehicles: regular cars, performance duty automotives, and high-performance vehicles. Take, for example, the Centric Sportstop Performance Cross-Drilled Disc Brake Rotor, which we stock in our massive inventory. This amazing brake rotor has multiple benefits for your braking system, including better response in wet conditions, stronger “bite,” less pad glazing, vibration-free driving and enhanced open wheel aesthetics among many others. Once this part is installed, you don’t have to pay for rotor repair for a long, long time.

    We’re glad to let you know that our site is your last stop for all your Centric Brake System needs. Our extensive catalog includes heavy-duty Centric Brake Pads, brake master cylinders, brake shoes, brake hoses and brake pad sensor wires among others. It’s time to take a really long break from spending for repairs. Put a stop to all those bills today by installing high-quality Centric products in your car.