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Chevrolet Caprice Parts And Chevrolet Caprice Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Chevrolet Caprice parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Chevrolet Caprice to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Chevrolet Caprice: Troubleshooting Common Electrical Problems

    The Chevrolet Caprice was a road star back in the \'60s such that the full-size vehicle was able to hit the one million mark in sales in 1965. Its popularity lasted through the early \'70s, making it one of the most famous American cars of its time. During its stint, it was named Motor Trend Car of the Year for its 1977 and 1991 models. Over time, some problems with Caprice may surface, including electrical woes. Here\'s a quick, simple guide to diagnosing general electrical problems and finding the right fix:

    Blown fuse/s

    When an accessory or the lights of your Caprice suddenly stop working, one thing to look into would be the fuse. Your vehicle manual can be your guide to locating the fuse panel and the fuse for a specific electrical component or accessory. You can disconnect that fuse out of the panel with a puller and hold it up to the light. A fuse replacement is probably needed if the metal strand passing the middle appears broken. Use a replacement that matches the amp rating and other specs of the stock. In case the fuse blows once more, you\'re looking at another problem.

    Faulty alternator, fusible link, and switch

    Sometimes, it\'s not the battery that\'s causing the problem but the alternator. If the battery can\'t maintain a proper charge, the alternator could be on its way out. Dimming headlights and stalling at stop lights are also symptoms of a failing alternator. To test the charging system, use a voltmeter, with the probes in contact with the plus and minus terminal clamps while the engine is running. See if the voltage is within the acceptable range. However, if the voltage is quite low, measure the voltage at the output terminals of the alternator. Low voltage means that the alternator should be replaced.

    When electrical accessories turn sluggish or work erratically, another thing to look into is the fusible link, a high-capacity connector that keeps accessories connected from the battery safe. When there\'s some hesitation or delay before the starter turns, this could be a sign of a faulty fusible link. Check if the battery cables are still tight and if the electrical system is still working or already dead. If jump-starting the vehicle doesn\'t work, it\'s most likely that the link has failed. This link may break when the clamps are reversed while jump-starting the vehicle. Before replacing it, make sure that other electrical connections have been tested.

    Also a common cause of electrical problem is a broken switch. Test the switch to see if this causes the electrical accessory to cease working. Also check for loose connections and shorts.

    Battery troubles

    Car batteries can suddenly fail. When they do, the first thing you have to check are the battery terminals. They should be free of corrosion and should be snug in fit. If cleaning the terminals won\'t do the trick, run some tests on the battery using a voltmeter. The probes of the voltmeter must come in contact with the battery\'s posts (the plus and minus). The engine and ignition should be off as you read the findings on the voltmeter based on the specs of the battery. Also run some tests on the terminal clamps, measuring the voltage. The positive probe must touch the positive terminal clamp, while the negative probe must be in contact with the bare metal or frame member that the ground wire runs to. If, in your tests, you found out the measurement is the same (or almost the same) as the acceptable or preferred voltage, then you can cross out the terminals in your list.