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  • Steps to Resolve Your Chevrolet Impala Passlock Problem

    Of course, you would like your car to be secured from theft. But to the point that you, yourself, can\'t even use it? Now that\'s already a problem. Chevrolet Impala has been receiving complaints about its \"overbearing\" security. But the real issue is actually the passlock process, which involves the Body Control Module (BCM), the passlock sensor, the sensor\'s resistor, and even the wirings in between.

    Ensuring that it\'s a passlock problem

    Your Impala ceased to start out of nowhere, yet everything else seems to be working fine. You try to figure out what the problem may be and have narrowed it down to your ignition, thinking that it\'s your key that suddenly lost its capability to start up your car. With some of GM\'s vehicles having trouble with passlock, it may be easy to misdiagnose your own car as encountering the same security issue. But before spending hundreds of dollars on a passlock problem, make sure that it\'s really the issue. For all you know it could just be the ignition system. One way to tell if it\'s indeed the passlock that has the problem is by putting your key into position 2 while not trying to start it yet. Wait for the toggling between the security light and the battery light then start your car. If the security light is quickly flashing, then you really have a passlock issue.

    Trying a simple solution by starting with the key

    Your vehicle\'s key doesn\'t just allow you to drive your car but also protect it from unauthorized use. Thus, the passlock system revolves around your key and passlock sensor. If your car starts to act up and experience passlock problem, try going for the simplest solution first.clean your key or get your spare one. A clean key or the spare key would have a higher chance of getting through the security system because of less factors that may block the connection between the chip or transponder in your key and the passlock sensor.

    Second, take a look at the front end of the key switch. Clean the male and female connectors at the sensor because they can get a bit corroded, making it hard for the BCM to read the sensor and in return lead to a passlock malfunction.

    Getting outside help

    If taking care of the key and key switch doesn\'t help much at all, then you might want to consider getting outside help in the form of a remote starter or by using a resistor. If you\'re going for the aftermarket remote starter system, make sure that it has a security bypass module that can get through your passlock system, or else it would be worthless.

    If you\'re going for the resistor, take an OHM meter and read the OHMS of the chip in your key so that you can buy the correct resistor needed to bypass your security system. If you\'re not sure on how to properly install the resistor, then just have a mechanic do it for you instead of ending up cutting the wrong wires or putting the resistor in the wrong place.