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  • Chevrolet Tracker: Common Problems and Repair Efforts

    The Chevrolet Tracker is a compact SUV manufactured by General Motors and Suzuki through CAMI Automotive in Canada. Despite being an SUV, the four-door design on the North American modelthe design of which enabled it to perform dutifully off-roadqualified this model to pass as a light truck. Having different manufacturers on board resulted in various variants of the Tracker, which was called by different names per region. The first-generation Tracker has long been discontinued in the US, but many consumers still drive this vehicle. Thus, knowing the common problems, repair cost, and maintenance procedures is still necessary.

    Common problems

    If you have been driving a Chevrolet Tracker, then chances are you have experienced several problems that are common to this vehicle, such as the excessive bounce while on the road. This problem is often connected to the front struts wearing out after reaching a certain mileage. According to user complaints, the front struts tend to get damaged once you have reached 75,000 miles. Another common issue with this vehicle is the likelihood for the front brake rotors to fail. This affects the brake pedal, which is believed to pulsate once already damaged. Replacing these rotors, along with the brake pads, is necessary in order to ensure that your vehicle is capable of providing optimum performance.

    Other than these problems, the Chevrolet Tracker has also been known for the gas cap issue. Loose gas caps must be tightened, while worn-out gas caps should be immediately replaced to avoid causing further damage while driving. This problem can be determined by the Check Engine Light indicators.

    Cost of repair

    Granted that this model is not exempted from the typical automotive problems, consumers must find time to be updated about the repair and replacement procedures, as well as the cost for each solution. For instance, this SUV is known for requiring a replacement for the valve cover gaskets, the procedure of which costs about $500. It is also advisable to look into other possible repairs immediately, especially the replacement costs for the rear main seal, wheel bearing, oil pan, and water pump.

    One of the most common damaged parts that need replacement, the rear main seal is the most expensive with almost a $2,000 charge and is followed by the water pump replacement. This is also the reason knowing how to ensure these components are in good conditionlet alone how to fix themis essential if you are aiming to save yourself from the costly replacement procedures.


    Keeping the Chevrolet Tracker in tip-top condition requires intensive approach to ensure that regular and effective maintenance processes are done. This involves constant assessment of the various components on board, whether interior or exterior. Likewise, it is important to be aware of the necessary cleaning products for your vehicle. After all, some chemical mixtures may explicitly damage your SUV. The Chevrolet Tracker may no longer be in production, but the remaining models today should still be supported by aftermarket products. A well-maintained Chevrolet Tracker will still be able to function properly despite the constant exposure to various driving conditions.