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  • Signs of Failing Camshaft Position Sensor on a Chrysler 300M

    This full-sized luxury sports sedan is very popular for its elegant, spacious, and comfortable interior, which makes it a great long-distance cruiser. With its huge interior and great air-conditioning, like-minded people will definitely fall in love with it. Over time though, your Chrysler 300M, regardless of its toughness and reliability, can still have problems. And one of the most common issues encountered by 300M owners is a failing camshaft position sensor. When left neglected, this problem can lead to more serious issues. So to prevent these from happening, here are some tell-tale signs to help you determine if your vehicle\'s camshaft position sensor is already failing.

    Troublesome driving

    Frequent stalling is one of the obvious signs of a failing camshaft position sensor. You will notice a drop in engine performance, poor acceleration, poor idling, frequent stumbling, misfiring, backfiring, surging, jerking, poor mileage, and a massive drop in the revolution per minute that slows down the car to a crawl. If you experience these disruptive driving signs, then you must check your vehicle or take it to the nearest repair shop before the situation gets worst. Failure to do so, can result in no spark or no ignition.

    Check engine light is on

    An easiest way to diagnose a failing camshaft position sensor is by monitoring your car\'s control module thru your check engine light on your dashboard. As soon as you notice that your check engine light is on, then you have to check the sensor immediately. If you\'re not too familiar with this part, you can always ask a technician to help you diagnose if the sensor is the likely cause of this. Remember that your Chrysler 300M\'s camshaft position sensor is like the nerve ending of your vehicle. All inaccurate input data and information can lead to incorrect command decisions. It may be confusing when the check engine light is on, but you should always take it seriously. It usually turns on if the engine is overheating, if the oil pressure is too low or needs changing, or if the engine has a mechanical problem or has quit running.

    No spark

    The camshaft position sensor is responsible for gathering and sending information to the car\'s electronic control module, which is vital for engine function. This information is used to further calculate the fuel ignition timing of your car. When your camshaft position sensors suddenly become weak and faulty, the signal that the sensors transmit to your car\'s computer electronic control module will become inaccurate. And when this happens, it will result in no ignition due to malfunctioning spark plug. But before this unwanted no spark or no ignition issue occurs, you will experience loss of engine power, increased engine vibration, struggling sounds, rough running, frequent slowing down of your vehicle, and long cranking time. Be aware of these signs to avoid more serious engine problems

    Take note that the most likely cause of camshaft position sensor failure is oil leak. So take the time to check your vehicle for leaks because if it has, you must deal with them right away.