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Chrysler Lebaron Parts And Chrysler Lebaron Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Chrysler LeBaron parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Chrysler LeBaron to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Learning More about the Common Chrysler LeBaron Powertrain Issues

    The Chrysler LeBaron has been known for over half a century already. Despite the discontinuation of the model, the automotive industry witnessed its evolution from 1931 all the way to 1995. The LeBaron was treated as a luxury car during the first few years following its inception. It was discontinued for around a decade before it was resurrected in the late \'50s. Its design became more prominent until the \'70s. However, it was reduced to a smaller car right before its production was axed. During its long production span, issues also came up. Some of the issues that plagued the powertrain of the last-generation LeBarons include:

    Shifting problems with the automatic transmission

    The Chrysler LeBaron models that were produced for the last generation had a couple of manual and automatic transmissions to match the available engine options. One of these was the Chrysler Ultradrive 4-speed automatic transmission. Also known as the A406, it ended up in vehicles that were equipped with the 3-liter 6G72 V6 block. It was first introduced in 1989 and was used until 2010. It was also one of the first electronically-controlled automatics that featured adaptive shifting. This innovation took into consideration the driving behavior of the driver and used the data to adjust the shifting pattern to your convenience.

    The usual problem people driving the A406-equipped LeBaron encounter is a transmission that stays on the second gear only. This is caused by faulty readings from the sensors integrated in the system. While this issue can be very frustrating, you should still be able to drive your car to your trusted shop for an assessment. Often times, the transmission still remains intact. However, there is a possible need to repair or replace the computer and the sensors.

    Engine oil leaks

    Oil is essential to the powertrain of your car. It aids the movement of different components by reducing friction between surfaces. More than that, oil also acts as a complementary cooling substance. Therefore, there is a need to maintain the prescribe amount of oil in the system. But the problem comes in when the fluid leaks out from the spaces in between the components that are joined together. You can fix this by adding sealant to those spaces, replacing the gaskets, and even machining the surfaces to be smooth again. Try to address this issue as soon as possible; you might end up with a bigger problem if you continue running your engine with a limited amount of oil.

    Caring for your Chrysler LeBaron

    Despite the powertrain issues that can potentially hound your vehicle, you can reduce the likelihood of it coming out and getting worse. Fixing the problem can cost you a good amount and might even have you getting a new assembly instead. You should remember that preventive maintenance can help you in this effort. Make it your best effort to give your car regular tune-ups so that it can work with clockwork precision. You should consider your driving behavior and storage as well. These factors will eventually affect the condition and longevity of the components that make up the powertrain of your car.