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Are you planning on jazzing up your ride by investing in a coil over kit? Before you grab one, make sure you check first if this assembly is the best option for your ride when lowering it and if you're ready to deal with the cons of having one. That said, check the list below for the pros and cons of installing a coil over assembly:


Adjustability . Coilovers are easily adjustable to suit different suspension lowering needs. This is why many vehicle owners who want a more customized suspension opt for this kit. Depending on what you want, coilovers allow you to easily set your suspension low or high within the comforts of your own garage. As a matter of fact, you can choose from two basic types when adjusting your vehicle's height using coilovers; you can either go for a spring perch or a threaded type.

Improved handling . Compared to a stock suspension system, a coil over kit offers better handling especially when cornering and dealing with tricky driving conditions. So if you're looking for a suspension system upgrade that will allow you to practice your race track-like driving skills, going for coilovers is a good bet.


Uncomfortable ride . Some motorists who have used a coil over kit complain of a stiffer or uncomfortable ride. The usual culprit behind this is either a low-quality kit or a poorly matched assembly. Before you purchase this upgrade kit, it's best to see first which type is suited to your vehicle. Full-bodied covers usually come in a complete kit with shocks, while the sleeve type is less expensive but doesn't come with shocks. This means you can use sleeve-type coilovers with shocks of your choice. If you use your vehicle strictly for drag racing, drag coilovers are perfect because they are designed to be stiff in order to prevent the car from transferring weight to the rear wheels when launching.

Consumes too much space . Because the design and location of a coil over kit, it sometimes has the tendency to occupy a lot of space under the vehicle. This makes it more likely to come in contact with nearby parts such as wires, cables, sway bars, and even tires. To prevent the coilovers from bumping into other parts, make sure you have the right type of parts for your vehicle's chassis and that you've installed them properly.

Other things to consider when buying coilovers

When lowering your ride with stiffer and shorter coilovers, you need to purchase a camber kit. Unless you bought a complete kit that comes with easy-to-adjust pillow mounts, you have to install a camber kit to counter the change in camber setting. If you don't install a camber kit even if your vehicle needs one, your tires will prematurely wear out because of the uneven alignment.

Another thing to consider when buying a coil over kit is the required spring rate for your vehicle needs. If you're not sure which spring rate is most applicable to your ride and driving needs, better consult a professional. Nothing is more annoying and money-wasting than buying the wrong type of coilovers for your ride.