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Coil Spring Spacer

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Want to increase your ride's height without installing new springs? Then get your hands on a coil spring spacer. This accessory allows you to add a few inches to your vehicle's height, acting as a lifting accessory that can augment a lifting kit's stock height. As a matter of fact, many motorists who have installed a lifting kit use a coil spring spacer as a supplementary tool. If you're thinking of installing one on your vehicle, here's how:

Tools needed:

  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Screwdriver
  • Compressor (optional)
  • Jacks

Step 1: Loosen the lug nuts.

Before you jack up the car, it's best to loosen the lug nuts first. However, if you're planning to lift up the car with a floor jack, don't loosen all the wheels at the same time. Focus on one wheel at a time because loosening the lug nuts on all four wheels at once can lead to stud damage as your car tilts from the floor jack.

Step 2: Jack up your car.

Place the car on a frame lift or floor jack. Make sure to not place a jack on the axle yet because you'll need the suspension to swing free while installing a coil spring spacer. Double-check if your vehicle's frame is properly supported by the jack stands. Once the vehicle is fully supported, you can already place a jack under the axle. Raise it up until it carries some of the vehicle weight. Properly placing the jack under the axle ensures a damage-free suspension while the axle is swinging free.

Step 3: Remove the tire and other wheel components.

Pull off the tire and unbolt the absorbers from the wheel axle. If the wheel has a cotter pin, remove this pin from the nut that attaches the sway bar. Then, remove the castle nut from the sway bar's end link. Using a hammer, remove the sway bar link.

Step 4: Attach the spring compressor.

Before you loosen any component, secure first the spring using a spring compressor. Double-check if the compressor is securely attached on the coils to prevent any injury. Depending on your car's make and model, you might have to remove the spring retainers before you can attach the compressor.

Step 5: Insert the coil spring spacer.

Pull down the axle as low as it can go, making sure it doesn't fall off from the jack. Then, carefully insert the spring spacer on top of the spring. Raise the jack until the spacer assembly and coil spring fit into place along with the axle and frame. Don't forget to reinstall the spring retainers once the spacer is securely in position.

Step 6: Reinstall all the other components.

After putting the spacer in place, reinstall all the other parts you've removed in the previous steps. These include the sway bar link, castle nut, cotter pins, and shock absorbers. Bolt the wheel in place, following the manufacturer's torque specifications. To install a coil spring spacer on the other side, simply repeat the entire process.