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Coverking Brand Articles

  • Coverking: Protecting Cars and Customizing Car Covers Since 1986

    Innovation and technology are an advantage that Coverking has over its 30 years in the business. With its custom car covers developed and created in its plant in Anaheim, California, Coverking also supplies private label car covers to a number of top sports and luxury carmakers and tuners.

    Aerospace origin

    Coverking began in 1986 when an electrical and industrial engineer, after working in the aerospace defense industry in California, applied what he learned about advanced weapon systems to the production of accessories for vehicles. He saw the need to develop mass customization technology in producing highly personalized car accessories as quickly and cost-efficient as possible (Mass customization refers to the manufacturing of specialized custom order at the cost, efficiency, and quality of a mass-produced product). The aerospace training Coverking\'s founder got proved to be useful in coming up with very precise designs for the custom dash cover industry, which was rare in the 1980s.

    Innovative leadership and technology

    Leadership in innovation and automation-this is an ingredient for success of the company that skillfully combines technology and aesthetics in creating groundbreaking car accessory designs. This unique quality has led the company to be the first to receive the highest quality certification, including the ISO 9001 (the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems), QS 9000 (for meeting the automotive industry standards), and TS 16949 (automotive management system certification).

    Aside from leadership, what sets Coverking apart from the competition is its ability to provide a real custom fit accessory for virtually every vehicle. This is done by having its pattern designers measure each vehicle that is released in the market. A sample is created based on the measurements, and then it is test fit in the new vehicle. Adjustments are made and the entire process goes on until perfect fit is ensured. And to further enhance a Coverking product\'s fit, CAD technology is used.

    Ultimately, all Coverking car covers are sure to have custom fit because they are digitally scanned with 3D imaging equipment. The company\'s engineers test every custom pattern for strength and exact fit to ensure that the car covers are simple to install.


    With more than half a million products in its lineup, Coverking ensures that one of its products is a perfect fit to any vehicle. Beyond the custom fit, Coverking products provide superior protection against scratches and damage caused by the damaging weather and road conditions.

    Coverking is just as proud of the styling of its car covers. It does not skimp on fabrics, unlike other manufacturers that sew together small pieces of fabrics just to save on materials, resulting in car covers that look more like patchwork quilts because of the excessive seams. Coverking\'s car covers has fewer seams, and thus look better. This design also serves a functional purpose-the covers are less likely to get torn at the seams and leak from the seams.

    In addition to car covers, Coverking also offers floor mats, dash covers, pet protection accessories, sunshields, and seat covers.