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Cruise Control Switch

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Imagine driving for long hours with your foot on the gas pedal. Though the trip mainly consists of smooth open highways without much of the curving path, you can get still real exhausted trying to set the right speed. This used to be the trouble with long-distance driving. Until cruise control came to relieve drivers from fatigue, help increase gas mileage, and keep drivers from getting charged with speeding tickets.

In a flick of a cruise control switch, you can let cruise control take much of the pains of driving. Simply push the on/off button to easily activate or deactivate the system. Press set/accel if you want the vehicle to run at a set speed or accelerate by up to 1mph in every tap. You can hit resume if you want to go back to the previous speed setting or press down coast if you want to slow down. Step on the brakes or clutch and the whole system will be disengaged for your safety.

If these cruise control buttons suddenly won't work, you may be dealing with a faulty switch. A broken switch could mean that the cruise control settings might not engage at all. You won't be able to set your car's speed, accelerate, or coast easily.

Testing the cruise control switch

The cruise control switch could be mounted on the steering wheel or held by the steering column, along with the turn signal and headlight switches . it all depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. You have to test the switch to figure out where trouble with the cruise control is coming from, if it's because of a busted switch or another component of the cruise control system. In testing the switch, you may have to use a voltmeter or vacuum tester. To diagnose the problem, you have to use your service manual for the procedure. You may have to inspect the fuse panel and check other connections. The manual should be specific to the vehicle you're driving since cruise control settings and designs may vary.

Getting a new cruise control switch

If tinkering with the switch won't be enough to fix the cruise control problem, then you may have to replace the switch at once. When looking for a replacement, here are some things to consider:

  • Look for a specific type of switch for your vehicle's cruise control system. Some switches are mounted on the steering wheel; others are found on the steering column.
  • Use a custom-fit switch. The right stock replacement will make it so much easier for you to replace the old switch. Some replacements can be wired or plugged with no trouble. The new switch should fit into the wiring and work with other settings easily.
  • Shop around for the best deals. Don't just set your eyes on the right type of cruise control switch; also compare prices and deals. Prices may vary widely, from as little as 20 USD to 100 USD or more. A good warranty, which can cover the unit for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles, is another thing to look into.