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CSF Brand Articles

  • CSF: Cooling Automotive Powertrains Since 1947

    When you talk about the automotive powertrain systems, you should know that it involves a big chunk of moving parts working together to produce a desired output. When the machine operates non-stop, it will definitely generate heat due to the friction between components. There is an ideal temperature range where the engine can operate at its best. But beyond that mark, the car might start to experience some problems already. This is why there is a need to have a cooling system to keep the heat from spiking up. The cooling components should be able to handle the demand as the vehicle is being driven. CFS has been providing this kind of solutions from 1947 up to this day.

    History behind the brand

    As the United States of America is recovering from the effects of World War 2, a family decided to venture out in the automotive industry. The small business focused on trading and selling car parts in the area. Later on, the team focused on repairing radiators. Eventually, this became the foundation for the CSF brand which was introduced in 1975. The family business became one of the spearheads in exploring aftermarket parts for import vehicles. This included models produced by Honda, Datsun, and Toyota. These brands were the first Japanese automakers to introduce their vehicles on American soil. They saw it as an opportunity to get into the market since the US automotive industry was going through a transition in line with the oil crisis.

    CFS\'s drive to provide cooling components for a wide array of vehicles both foreign and domestic allowed it to secure its position in the market. The success the company gained over the years has allowed it to conduct research and implement development for better cooling products. Improvements are important especially with the nature of the automotive industry. Every few years, you see models being introduce to the market. CFS sees these changes as a challenge that has to be addressed with enthusiasm. At present, the brand is able to supply cooling components for direct fit replacements, performance, and even custom applications.


    You have to understand that radiators have been integral parts in most vehicles. They are responsible for taking away the heat from the components in the powertrain. This is achieved by circulating the coolant in the system through designated arteries. One of the models marketed by the brand is the all-aluminum triple pass radiator. It is designed for vehicles that are modified for racing. The exact radiator model for the BMW E9X M3 features a 2 row 42 mm dual core the uses the B-tube technology, CNC-machined connections, brackets and fittings, and aluminum race style drain plug. Beyond that, it can easily be fitted to the vehicle since it is designed with OE specifications in mind.


    Intercoolers bear a resemblance with radiators and share an almost similar function. However, they are dedicated to take away the heat from the air that will be fed to the engine block. The cool compressed air should be able to produce a better combustion once mixed and detonated with the spray of fuel. CSF Magnum uses heavy duty bar and plate intercooler cores. After the component is made, it is subjected to strict quality testing to ensure that it can perform best when installed on the vehicle.