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The Ethos Mustang’s Spectacular Transformation

Contributed By Ethosmustang

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I rebuilt my dream 67 mustang that I have owned since I was 16.

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The Ethos Mustang is a project that began as an original 1967 Mustang, a cherished possession since the owner was sixteen and deeply embedded within the family’s history. Transformed over time, it has become a stunning emblem of custom car culture, blending elements from iconic influences like the Hoonicorn and the rugged aesthetic of 1980s dirt racers.

The transformation of this Mustang was more than a cosmetic makeover; it was a ground-up rebuild that started when the owner’s son was born, marking a new era for both the car and the family. The initial plan was to create an Eleanor coupe but inspiration and ambition morphed it into something far more unique—a wide-body Mustang that’s as thrilling to drive as it is to witness.

The chassis is a modern Art Morrison, known for its robustness and agility, perfectly complementing the powerful heart under its hood—a 2018 Mustang Gen3 engine paired with a 6-speed transmission. This setup ensures that the car is built to drive, to feel the road, and to conquer it.

Safety and performance are intricately woven together with an internal custom roll cage crafted by Plan B Hot Rods, ensuring that the car’s increased power can be handled safely at high speeds or while tearing through autocross courses.

The aesthetic details of the Mustang are meticulously handcrafted as well. The carbon fiber work is thoughtfully designed, scanned, and printed to fit seamlessly into the Mustang’s frame, enhancing both its performance and its sleek, aggressive look. The customization extends to every corner of the vehicle; from the Govad forged rims—18 inches in the rear and 17 inches in the front—to the custom cage that proudly displays the engine like a piece of high-octane artwork.

Cooling is critical in such a high-performance machine, and it’s managed through a custom system that expels hot air efficiently. The rear of the car also features a custom diffuser and tail lights, each aspect adding to the visual drama of the vehicle.

The Mustang’s face is marked by sequential carbon fiber custom driving lights, a modern nod to its racing inspirations. Even the mirrors are bespoke, sourced from a Can-Am off-road buggy, emphasizing that this car borrows from the best of every world to create something truly unique.

Described by the owner as driving like a “superpowered GoKart,” the Ethos Mustang clings to the road with unmatched tenacity. The plan is to take it from autocross to the track, testing its limits, and enjoying every adrenaline-fueled moment—after all, it’s a car built not just for the eyes, but for the thrill of the drive.