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Can I change or cancel an order?

Right after the placement and confirmation of your order, it is automatically processed and forwarded to the warehouse electronically. Therefore, cancelling an order will not give the guarantee that the order will be cancelled. If you need to cancel an order, kindly do so (1) within 24 hours if the order is not shipped yet and (2) before your receipt of the Invoice-Payment voucher that will be sent to your email. You can call us at 1.866.529.5530.

If the order is already being processed by our shipping department, it will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee according to the total amount of the order. If the item is already packed or shipped, then we cannot cancel it anymore.

And remember: orders placed from Friday 5PM EST-Monday 9AM EST cannot be cancelled anymore because they are already being processed over the weekend for shipping.

If we are unable to cancel your order, your best option would be to return the product, with a 10% restocking fee. Check out our Return Policy page for more details.

When it comes to changing your order, you can get in touch with us (via our toll-free number, live chat, or email) so that we can process your request.

When will I be billed?

We will only bill you once your order ships. This will take approximately 24 hours within the shipping of the item. You will be notified of this via a shipping confirmation email.

Some notes:
If you're using a "Bank Debit" card, a certain percentage of the cash fund corresponding to the amount of your order will be on "hold" until order is shipped.
After shipping and billing, that will drop off.

Do you have a catalog with all of your parts available?

No, we do not have a printed catalog that lists all our offered parts. But, you can find everything that you need when you check our selection online. You don't have to scan page by page because you will find all parts compatible with your vehicle in just a few mouse clicks.

How do I place an order on JC

Placing your order is easy and convenient. Once you have found and selected your part from the online catalog, you just have to add it to your shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. Then, fill up the form with the needed information for billing, shipping, and payment, and then place the order.

If you have an account in the site, your shopping will be even faster because all the needed information is already available, saved from your previous transactions. So, there's no need to start from scratch.

Do you ship outside the United States?

No. JC ships only to states within the continental United States.

How private and secure is my information?

Very private. Very secure.

JC is tested regularly and is certified secure by McAfee, a leading online security software company. You'll find the McAfee Secure badge on the home page, and you can check out the certification on the site by simply clicking on the badge.

We also encrypt all information sent across the internet via the Secure Socket Layer technology to ensure its security.

For more information, you can click on our Privacy Page.